A complete guide to golf clubs

We understand the dilemma that golfers face when identifying and choosing the right golf club for the game. Also, the difficulty is different concerning different professional levels of playing golf. For instance, a beginner wonders at various golf club types, their respective uses according to the game's rules, and the meaning of golf numbers. On the other hand, veteran golfers are sometimes confronted with identifying authentic clubs aside from the counterfeit.

Furthermore, golf itself can be a little complicated for newcomers due to professional play rules and regulations. Hence, we will discuss golf clubs' crucial identifiers, such as the diverse shapes, description of different types of golf clubs, and description of their body parts. We shall discuss another essential item to find the meaning of golf numbers and their implications on your game.

What do golf club numbers mean?

Golf numbers refer to the loft or the angle to which the golf club faces. For instance, when this loft angle changes, you invariably change the golf ball's height and distance when stuck. More so, the lower the number, the lesser the loft, and the less intense the golf club's angle will be. In other words, the golf ball, when hit with that club, will cover more distance and lesser height than that of a higher loft angle.

However, with a higher golf number, there is an increased loft and a more intense angle. These qualities imply that the ball can travel higher but not necessarily farther due to a higher pitch. Besides, the golf number, its rise, and the distance it can cover are all related and simply a work of the knowledge of projectile in elementary physics. Summarily,

  • 2 Iron Club will hit the ball over a far distance but at a lower height
  • 3 Wood Club will also hit the ball over a farther distance
  • 5 Wood Club can take your ball higher but not too far
  • 9 Iron Club can take your ball very high as well, but not very far

A beginner set of golf clubs may contain Wood (Numbers 3 & 5), Irons (Numbers including 3-9 with a pitching wedge), and Putter (with only number 1).

The six main types of golf clubs and their respective uses

The six main types of Gold Club include the fooling

1. Drivers

As a beginner in the golf game, your first friend is the driver because you will need tee shorts. Interestingly, driver clubs are usually best known as wooden materials. The history of golf has it that early golf clubs are typically made of wood. However, modern golf clubs can be of different materials, including woods, iron, and a hybrid. So much so that many people classify golf clubs by the material it is made from.

You wonder which type of wood could have the required strength, tenacity, and durability that much. The Persimmon or Hickory wood does the magic as the main types of wood in use. Although early drivers are made of wood, modern drivers are now made of steel, titanium, and even heavier and more precious materials. Suppose the number of a golf club is the loft angle, as we have discussed. In that case, 1 Wood is the driver because it usually has the lowest loft angle between 7 and 11 degrees.

Therefore, the driver has the lowest loft angle among all the golf clubs due to its specific use in taking tee shots. However, your driver's actual angle depends on the level or height you want your ball to reach before landing.

Unique features of the driver

Some of the notable and unique characteristics of the drivers include the following.

  • The driver has a shaft that is made of primary graphite due to the required strength and hardness
  • The driver is the longest golf club you can have in the bag
  • It has the most oversized clubhead in the bag because it usually can hit over an extended area. The size of a top-rated driver can reach 460 ccs. So, as a beginner, use a driver with a head as big as possible because with that, you can minimize your chances of missing off-center shots.

As you grow in experience, you can resolve to drivers with smaller head sizes and still achieve the desired shot. The measures can then be about 440 ccs or even less. By the way, the lower the cc of a driver, the better you can work with it and hit control your shot range. But it is better to begin with a significant head driver.

Use of Drivers

Drivers are the respective clubs that apply to making shorts inside the tee box. It has a relatively long length, making it easier for a ball hit with the driver to cover a long distance both vertically and horizontally. When you intend to take a shot in your par four or par from the tee box, employ the services of a driver for the best chance to hit your shot. Many professional players may have mastered using iron golf clubs for tee shots. Still, beginners and intermediates should recommend drivers in the tee box.

2. Fairways

Like the drivers, the fairways are in the wood category but are not compulsorily made of wood. For instance, fairways can be of metals, or you can call them metal woods. At the same time, they can have numbers 3, 5, and 7 made of wood or contain some other loft ranges. Fairways contain graphite for their required strength and, in some cases, may contain steel. Since the drivers are the longest clubs we have, fairways, by implication, are shorter than drivers, but the former has slighter smaller clubheads.

One way to distinguish a fairway head from the other clubheads is the flat face and a bulbous shape. Fairways also have their loft angles between 12 and 20 degrees to produce higher and shots than many other clubs. In addition to the height, it can create with the ball. The fairway can also be a bit softer on the golf ball, thereby giving you more control of the ball to the desired shape and direction.

You are not likely going to mistake that for another club in the golf bag. When you take a fairway shot, you hear it slide over the grass of the golf course. It is also very crucial to discuss the detailed use of fairways below.

Uses of Fairways

  1. When you need to take a short beyond what an iron club can handle, then it is time to draw out your fairway. You may discover that your next shot requires a bit more distance than an iron club can give you, then use a fairway for it.
  2. Drivers are designed explicitly for tee shots. However, if you need to control the shot slightly, it is more suitable to use fairway wood for the shot instead of a driver. For instance, the fairway wood is a better club for a short Par 4 tee short and a long Par 3 tee shot.

3. Hybrids

Hybrids clubs, also known as utility golf clubs, are a modern golf game product. The reason is that they combine the old wooden club types with the later club type's iron material. This combination material combines the rare benefits of these two materials constructively to improve the golfer game. If you are not using a wooden club, you can replace all 2, 3, 4, and 5 Iron clubs in your bag with all hybrid clubs.

The use of hybrid clubs gradually entered the professional golfing experience after it became widespread in recreational golfing. Some of the notable benefits of using hybrid or utility clubs include the following.

  1. Hybrids are the number one choice for airborne shots
  2. You can hard mishit with a hybrid golf club
  3. Hybrids allow golfers to have more swing control for the hit and the direction of the shot
  4. Generally, hybrid clubs have epical functionalities that make it worthwhile to replace either the wooden or the iron-made clubs.

4. Irons

Irons are now perhaps the most highly used club on the course as you can hit any short or mid-range shot to practically any hole. It may not offer much control as the fairway. Still, it also can be ideal for long shorts from a tee box, especially for professional golfers. The clubs are made of iron metal and contain deeper grooves in the club's heads, running from the toe to the heel. Besides, it can also create an extra spin with the ball through its grooves, and this spin adds a bit more control.

Iron clubs come with a bit thinner head than the hybrid or the woods, which can be a significant advantage for better accuracy. In other words, when taking a close shot that you cannot afford to miss, take an iron golf club, and you can get more confidence towards a positive hit. There are two main types of iron golf clubs: ' cavity back' and 'cavity muscle back' or simply 'muscle back,' also known as the 'Blade.'

5. Wedges

Professional golfers appreciate the use of wedges more than amateurs because of their unique ability to turn the game around for anyone. Wedges are pretty similar to irons due to physical characteristics and build but differ in the loft angle. In other words, wedges often possess a higher loft angle that can range between 46 and 64 degrees. One property you will quickly note is that wedges are not the ideal choice for long-range shots.

Wedges are specifically created to remove golf balls from sandy or turfy surfaces. It has a 'Bounce' property that professional golfers explore in such challenging situations. This uniqueness is possible through a slight angle that the club's edge makes with the clubface's sole. In other words, you can use a wedge to cause the golf ball to bounce off the surface of the ground. Moreover, it is ideal for chipping shots in the air rather than hitting long distances.

There are four common wedge types: the Sand wedge, gap wedge, pitching wedge, and the lob wedge. The name of each type of wedge already suggests what they are used for and how they are used.

6. Putters

An outsider used to soccer games than golf may think of a putter as the striker or center forward. A Putter is the most critical golf club that every golfer must know and must use. As the name sounds, Putters finally puts your ball into the hole as it has a design for gently and smoothly rolling the ball over the surface into the hole.

One distinctive feature of a putter is its flat clubface and does not add to the bounce nor the loft angle of the ball – It simply puts it into the hole, that's all! A putter can have a metallic or a plastic surface, depending on how smooth you want it to feel on the ball. Furthermore, there are just two main types of putters, namely the Blade and the Mallet Putters.

Parts of a Golf Club

A typical golf club has four crucial parts that a golfer needs to learn. These parts include the grip, the shaft, hosel, and clubhead.

  1. The grip: the grip of the club refers to the part where you hold it. It is often made of rubber but with a bit rough to reduce friction and increase firmness. In addition to the grip's firmness, you may use a glove to hold it more tightly.
  2. The shaft: the part that connects the head with the other parts of the club is called the shaft. This connection involves not only the grip and the clubhead but also the hosel. The shaft is perhaps the most critical part of the club.
  3. The hosel: the hosel of a club is the connection between the shaft and the clubhead. The hosel also controls the lie angle of the golf club. At times, it is the hosel that carries the serial number in some brands of clubs. Meanwhile, we will discuss the significance of these numbers later in this article.
  4. The clubhead: the head is the last part of the golf club, which is the part that hits the ball. It is usually strong and in different shapes, depending on the type of club in use. The golfer's strength lies so much in the head's contact with the golf ball and the power with which he hits the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean golf clubs

Golf clubs can be costly. Cleaning is essential to maintain your golf club. Cleaning a golf club is the key to conserve and preserve them for a very long time. Is there a specific way of cleaning your golf club? Yes! There are tools you need to gather, and there are steps to follow in cleaning your golf club properly.

However, it is expedient for you to know the golf clubs you have because golf clubs vary. There are different techniques to follow in cleaning each kind. There are golf clubs made of metals, and there are golf clubs made of wood. So, it is essential to know the type of golf you want to clean.

Tools Needed

  1. Bucket
  2. Soap
  3. Steel polish
  4. A cloth
  5. Warm water
  6. A soft-bristle brush
  7. A towel

Therefore, this guide can take you through the steps you should take in cleaning your golf clubs.

How to Clean a Metal Golf Club?

Kinds of golf clubs like drivers and fairway woods should not be flooded in water. So, it has a different cleaning process.

The first step is to mix some warm water and 2 to 3 teaspoons of dishwashing soap into a bucket. Next, dip your soft brush into the mixture and scrub your clubhead carefully. However, the bristle brush must not get too wet.

So, when you are through with the cleaning, you need to dry it off with a towel.

How to Clean a Wood Golf Club?

Also, golf clubs made of wood should not be flooded with water during the cleaning process. Golf clubs made of wood are much more fragile in cleaning than golf clubs made of metals. However, you need to get a bucket full of warm water and dip a cloth until the cloth becomes soggy. Then, you carefully wipe down your wooden clubhead to take the dirt off. Therefore, make sure you dry it with a towel.

Finally, it would help if you get the above-listed tools before engaging in the cleaning process. However, golf clubs made of woods and metals don't require been flooded in water during cleaning. Therefore, follow the steps provided carefully to clean, maintain and preserve your golf club for an extended period.

How many clubs in a golf bag

Golf is perchance to be the most sophisticated game of all games because of its strict rules. These rules include the number of golf clubs allowed in a golf bag. However, this fact will lead us to important questions that golfers often ask. The question is to know how many golf clubs are allowed in a golf bag. Therefore, we bring you the correct answer to your question.

When you open a golf bag, you will likely see fourteen (14) golf clubs in it. A golfer is allowed to have at least 14 clubs in his bag. The golf governing bodies have strictly included the minimum of clubs that should be in a golf bag to be 14 clubs according to rule No. 4 in golf management.

A golfer will be penalized if he carries more than 14 clubs in his bag. Knowing how many clubs you are allowed to take is essential when playing a match race or open contest. The United States Golf Association (USGA) has instructions that other golf associations follow about the number of clubs allowed in a golf club bag.

As a golfer, you may carry:

  • A putter
  • Three kinds of wood (a driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood)
  • Eight irons (3-9 irons and a pitching wedge)

These are the 12 significant clubs that are expected to be in the golfer's bag. However, if a golfer has reached these 12 clubs, he can pick another two clubs according to his choice. Therefore, when choosing your golf club, you can add two clubs to the standard allowance of 12 clubs in the bag.

The last two clubs can be drivers (hybrid) used on the fairway and a wedge used for the golfer's short game. Also, a golfer may choose to use two wedges, a lob wedge or a sand wedge. Of course, you know that the lob wedge provides better lift, while the sand wedge helps with dangerous bunker shots.

Finally, it is expedient for golfers to know the golf clubs projected to be in a golf bag. We have learned that there are major 12 leading golf clubs together with another two different ones. These are the allowed clubs to be in a golf bag before coming for a match competition or open tournament. Therefore, the expected golf clubs in a golf bag should be 14.

How to re-grip golf clubs

As a professional golfer, you need to ask yourself series of questions like, do I need to re-grip my golf clubs? Do my golf clubs get the attention they deserve? Sometimes, grips need a good cleaning. But at times, cleaning may no longer restore tackiness, and then you need to re-grip your golf clubs.

However, gripping your golf club may lower your handicap and reduce wear and tear on gloves and grips. Once you've carefully chosen the golf grip you prefer, then it's time to proceed. To re-grip, your golf club is a straightforward process. You can re-grip golf clubs in a minute once you are familiar with the process.

Therefore, follow the following steps to know how to re-grip your golf club to develop a grip that brings comfort, stability, and control.

Step 1: Remove the old grip

The first step is to cut the old grip open. Meanwhile, take note that cutting into a rounded surface involves care. For the sake of safety, you shouldn't cut towards your body and make sure you peel off the old grip and pickle the tape away.

Step 2: Apply grip tape

The next step is to size up the new grip to determine how much of the shaft needs taping. You can apply three-quarter grip tape in a spiral pattern from the top of the shaft down to the grip's end. Then, add a little extra tape to the end of the shaft.

Step 3: Apply solvent

After applying grip tape, the next step is to use solvent. Dispense solvent into the open end of the grip. How can you do that? You only need to cover the open end probably with your hand and shake to distribute the solvent. Meanwhile, you need to remove the tee and pour the solvent excessively on the grip tape and the shaft.

Step 4: Slide grip into place

The next step is to align the grip and pull it down over the butt end of the shaft. And you can do this while the grip tape is still wet. The end of the shaft must snuggle into the very end of the grip. Don't forget that you need to fine-tune the alignment so that the clubface and grip are square. Then, allow the new grip to dry for some hours.

Step 5: Go out and play

Going out to play is the exciting part. Go ahead and start playing with your re-gripped clubs.

What are the 14 permitted clubs in a golf bag?

According to the golf rule, a golfer is projected to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in his/her bag. What golf clubs do you need? What role does each golf club play? This article will explain the functions of each club that is expected to be in a golf club.

A Driver

A driver is the lengthiest golf club in a golf bag. Drivers vary in head size, weighted heads, light shaft, heavy shaft, length, technology, and grip. Also, it runs in the loft from 8-14 degrees.


Woods are in categories

  • 3-wood
  • 4-wood
  • 5-wood
  • 7-wood

Meanwhile, each wood falls within a different degree. 3-wood falls within 14-16 degrees, 4-wood falls within 16-19 degrees, 5-wood falls within 19-23 degrees, and 7-wood falls within 23-28 degrees. Also, a 5-wood is comparable to a 4-iron, and a 7-wood is similar in the loft to a 5-iron.


There are sets of irons in a golf bag. These irons are used for the second shots on most holes. This set of iron must be from the same collection and similar construction. These golf clubs are to hit the ball from different distances, from long shots to short ones. Below here is the distance gap that each iron covers:

  • 3-iron
  • 4-iron
  • 5-iron
  • 6-iron
  • 7-iron
  • 8-iron
  • 9-iron


Hybrids are a mixture of irons and woods. They are in the diverse loft. They are used to make clean contact as opposed to iron. Therefore, they are commonly used to replace:

  • 2-irons (17 – 19 degree loft)
  • 3-irons ( 19- 21 degree loft)
  • 4-irons ( 21- 25 degree loft)
  • 5-irons ( 23 – 28 degree loft)


Golf wedges come in many different lofts and sizes. It can be challenging to know the size of wedge a golfer will need in his bag. Don't forget that you can pick 14 golf clubs, so you should stock up different lofted wedges to help your game. However, there are various types of wedges. We have pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge.


Your golf club is incomplete without a putter. There are different putters you can purchase. Honestly, to get a good putter depends on the golfer's preference. Therefore, a golfer may choose to buy a blade putter, weighted putters, and mallet putters.

Finally, a golfer can only have 14 clubs in his/her bag. You need to find out the set of irons and woods that will be comfortable for you.

What are a good set of golf clubs?

Getting a good set of golf clubs will increase your performance. Are you a golfer who lost some speed and distance over the years? A new set of the golf club can make a big difference. Therefore, we are here to inform you about the best golf club set you can get to give you a short distance, dispersion, and control. Below here are a good set of golf clubs:

  1. Strata 16-Club Men's Complete Golf Club Set

Strata's ultimate golf clubs are packed with modernized golf technology to give you maximum distance, presentation, and forgiveness for every club. When you get these golf club sets, you should expect longer shots with ease, more control, and confidence.

This golf club set includes a driver, three wood, four hybrid, five hybrid, 6-9 iron, PW and SW, putter, and four headcovers. It has 48 by 12.5 by 9 inches. Strata's package weight is about 8.14 kilograms. It has 16 pounds of item weight with two years warranty. It is made of aluminum, and it is always in blue. The strata golf club sets consist of a 16-piece set. Strata is the bestselling golf club established in 2021. Their complete pair of clubs will have you covered from tee to green.

  1. Callaway Big Bertha Iron Set

Callaway's iron set item package is about 42.5 x 5.2 x 4.7 inches. Its weight is 2.95 kilograms. It is helpful for a right-handed player. Its shaft materials are made of graphite. Callaway has 6 pounds of item weight with a regular golf club flex. It has the following features:

  • Long-distance and fastball speeds
  • New suspended energy core
  • Remarkable look with a clean and smoked PVD finish
  • Easy to hit from new progressive shaping

Callaway iron set is one of the best golf club sets with countless reviews. They have in-stock irons that can improve your game.

  1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

This golf club set is for right-handed players. Their shaft material is made of graphite.  It has a regular golf club flex. TaylorMade has the following features:

  • Speed bridge
  • ECHO damping system
  • Speed pocket
  • Ultra-thin face
  • Progressive inverted cone technology

Taylor's item package is about 46 x 5 x 4.25 inches [L x W x H] with a package weight of 3.13 kilograms. Their irons can be seen in either titanium or black color. Sim Max iron will give you more ball speed and forgiveness.

How much is a good/perfect set of golf clubs?

If you are a beginner, it is thinkable for you not to identify that a golf club set is costly. Generally, beginners end up spending much money on getting their first golf club set. The reason is that they want to get professional tools that they are not necessarily in need of at the start of their game. Hence, these professional golf club sets prove to be of no advantage to them.

However, how much is a set of golf club set? Of course, there is no specific answer to that because one can spend as low as $10 for a golf club kit at a frugality shop or over $500 to get a brand new one. At times, the golf clubs' price goes higher if you choose to buy from top golf club manufacturers. Therefore, the amount of money you will spend on purchasing a golf club set depends on your goal and requirements. Hence, read this article carefully to know the different prices of golf club sets.

  1. If you are getting your golf club kit from Callaway Golf Men's Strata, you must have $800 with you. The shipping fee is involved. The shipping fee is $315.46. Therefore, the original price for getting Strata's sets of the golf club is about $480.54. Thus, you can check it out on Amazon.
  2. Callaway Golf Big Bertha Iron set is more expensive. It is about $934 together with the shipping fee. And it will get to you wherever you are within two to three weeks. The shipping fee is just $139.75. Hence, the original price of Callaway Big Bertha sets of iron is about $794.25.
  3. Wilson Youth Profile JGI Golf set is a set of golf clubs for children between the age of 8 and 11. Its price is about $139. You can visit the Wilson Store on Amazon to get this golf club set for your children.
  4. Wilson Golf Profile Platinum Complete Package Set varies in price. The price depends on the number of clubs you want to acquire. However, you must budget $329 to get the most miniature golf club sets and $1,210 to get a complete golf club set.

Therefore, there is no uniform price to a complete golf club set. Golfers have to choose to buy from any of the above-listed golf club sellers based on their budget. Hence, a good golf club set can cost you $800 to $1000.