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Proudly owned and operated by Local PGA professional, Ben Breckenridge, The Local Golfer aim's to source you the highest quality equipment from around the globe, at affordable prices, for the everyday golfer. Don't leave it to corporate retailers for advice on your golf gear, leave it to the pros.

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The Local Golfer - Why Us?

As your newest online pro golf shop in Australia, the Local Golfer is determined to help you make some of the best possible decisions in professional Golf. Start with identifying the best pro golf shop to offer fantastic sales of golf items. The Local Golfer is ready to give you an unforgettable experience in your golf career. Our business provides excellent golf sales and services through our online platform containing a catalog of the best-selected products.

On the other hand, we also ensure the categorisation of each type of item you may need. In other words, buyers and visitors cannot struggle to find what they need from our online store. Besides, the subject of finding the best retail golf shop has been in the air over a reasonable period. More importantly, there is a growing shift from conventional physical stores and malls to online golf shops and eCommerce transactions through the web. Competition is also growing alongside these changes. It is about time that sporting businesses too rise to the challenge.

Statistics show that a well-run pro golf shop should earn at least 30% gross profit. So, this fact begs the question, how can you identify a pro golf shop online? What factors make the Local Golfer the best online pro golf shop? What items are available in the Local Golfer golf shop online? We will be answering these questions and other related ones in this post. Kindly follow closely to get a complete list of our special offers at pocket-friendly prices.

Why the Local Golfer is the best online pro golf shop in Australia

1. We begin our shopping season with a complete stock of the best brand products on display. Also, we ensure a fascinating variety of items for our customers to ensure they get all they need

2. The Local Golfer doesn't just sell items. We educate all our customers and potential customers on some of the current best deals they can activate. For instance, we send out regular info blasts and special events in unique sale seasons to ensure our buyers are well-informed about the sale items.

3. Our pricing system is transparent in showing the exact amount you will be saving if you buy at a certain period or in special sales. Otherwise, a percentage markdown may not be satisfactory enough.

4. Feel free to try out your skills on any of our demo or vendor day, where we set up tees for you to try out your skills. When you test the products, you can better judge when buying any of the displayed items. At other times, you take advantage of our sales events to reveal some of the latest things for quick grabs.

5. All our loyal customer also get special bonuses regularly that is attached to their shopping cart. We call it the surprise package for all loyal customers. This package is free of charge and is added to the goods package.

6. At some times, we offer an open-to-buy dollar project to ensure that our customers find the optimum comfort and satisfaction at all times.

7. Finally, we help educate new golfers by organizing a training program where professional golfers educate them through demonstration and working strategies.

Why should you choose the Local Golfer?

The following reasons are why we think the Local Golfer stands above other competitors in the pro golf shopping business.

1. Low Price Guarantee

The Local Golfer boasts of the lowest possible prices for golf items that are available online. As a point of pride, we like to think of ourselves as the newest with the latest products. We also display some of the rarest brands of top golfing items. Our stocked items form a classic choice for both new and regular buyers and customers. Similarly, when you buy items from a trusted store like ours, you can be sure of the original brand and not some stolen or counterfeit products.

In the case of items with their specific authorized warranty tags, we ensure the customers get full access to the product warranty. However, for non-authorized online golf retailer products, we may reserve the right not to price match some other retailers of similar products. We do not price generic match marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Jet, Rakuten, and Target.

Moreover, when we find advertised prices that beat ours, you can be sure to get a matching price, except for price coupons and promotional codes. Our pricing system is also accurate and highly competitive to ensure that you have to walk out without complete satisfaction from what we have. More so, the items' prices may also vary as we update our product listing regularly, without prior notice to the shopper. Suppose there is a price discrepancy on our site at any point. In that case, we take full responsibility and will adjust it accordingly as soon as possible. But hopefully, you may never find any.

2. A 90-day satisfaction guarantee

When you get an item from our store, the Local Golfer gives you a satisfaction assurance of 90 whole days to test and use the purchased item. We are so sure of our top quality products that we believe they will optimally satisfy your needs for 90 days, starting from purchase. And in case there is a need to return within that 90 days, you will surely get a complete replacement or a full store credit back.

The 100% assurance we give on our brand products is borne out of professional confidence that we are ready to give all our clients and customers nothing but the best. This guarantee accommodates up to two total store credit returns for exchange during the 90-day guarantee period. On the other hand, you may not even have to use any of the credit return offers because the items fit your use.

However, note that only purchased items that remain unworn, unused, still having their original tags will be eligible for a full refund during this designated period. Note also that when you buy items worth above 99$, you are eligible for our free shipping for shoppers within Australia. Some of our top categories for you to check out include Golf bags, Golf Clubs, Golf apparel, Gold accessories, and Golf Balls.

3. Diversity and Inclusiveness

We also house top brands that include Callaway, Under Armour, Titleist, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Cobra, Srixon, Puma, Cleveland, Ashworth, TravisMathew, Ecco, FootJoy, Acushnet, Mizuno, Adidas, Scotty Cameron. Since we started operation, we sell at one of the best-discounted prices available in the online retail market for pro golf shop items in Australia. Moreover, our online presence implies that there is no geographical limitation to the accessibility of our store. At the same time, we can ship to anywhere in the world.

We sell products suitable for active golfers who currently play the game, those who watch the game, those who live the game, and learners of the game. Besides, you will find our sales services desirable and informative with dependable support services of any related kind you may need. You can be sure of an expert handling of all professional affairs. At the same time, we provide you with the latest information to help you enjoy the game.

Our core values

Our business inspires people to be their best through state-of-the-art equipment while they gradually improve their game expertise. Our core values include a high level of knowledge, passion, organization, experience, diversity, professionalism, fairness, and other precious, priceless virtues. At the same time, we don't deny you the opportunity to play a better game, have good fun and grow your game expertise.

The core values also form the basis of our day-to-day operation and transaction with all our customers. At the same time, we build a formidable brand as your dependable local Golfer. As a means of giving back to the community, we integrate our processes to favor local customers. At the same time, our reach is available online beyond Australia across the world.

Our sales brand

Our core principle of business is to become the number one place you go to when you need anything concerning pro golf. We know every great brand that has built stature over the years did so because they were good at one thing and kept at it consistently while improving along the way. Therefore, our focused duty is to focus on bringing the best brand products to our clients. Consequently, they can have the best gaming experience in Golf.

Consequently, we know a brand is more than a mere logo. But the real identity of what a business stands for and how customers will perceive it. Seeing, we not only owe that to our potential customers, but we also must build on the values of the other brands we promote through our online pro golf store. Apart from the items we offer for sale, we are also committed to seeing our customers improve their game profitably. So, we motivate them to reach higher in play.

Our journey

As an online pro golf shop, the Local Golfer is fast building a reputation that transcends Golf's existence as we know it in Australia. We respect the tradition of the country in bringing shared joy about passionate golfers with loads of experience. We encourage an interplay of the learnings, regular and pro golfers so that everyone can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Some years back, two golf fanatics got fed up with big retailers' habits as they rip off innocent customers. These two folks, Ben and Simon, summoned the courage to dare the 'impossible' by using the unconventional route. With that, they brought much-needed help to the consumers without exorbitant prices that big retailers place on them. In comparison, Ben had had a brick-and-mortar store into a full-fledged digital one. And that was the revolution!

And so, the Local Golfer was born with the efforts of Ben Breckenridge, a proud member of the PGA, Australia, and a Local Head Professional of the Leonay Golf Club, Western Sydney, Australia.  Furthermore, we push for considerable weighty support behind both local and big-box establishments. This relationship has influences the local economy, local community development, local supply chains, and local employment.

Besides, we have an affiliate program that encourages local golf pros in Australia to connect with other prominent players in top competitions if they succeed in simple tasks. This high competition level also forces them to improve their strength and skill to perform much better. On the other hand, it provides a unique opportunity and access to everyone in Golf's fame while using some of the best materials and equipment. In this program, the best kit comes for a very minimum price to create the best adventure for all players.

Before you make a purchase

Amazingly, the Local Golfer wants you to first think of us for any old equipment you need. First of all, we will help you determine what you want, especially if you are not yet a professional golfer. For instance, some of the crucial factors to consider when buying a golf club includes its weight, appearance, weight, shaft, size, grip, and other factors. A similar thing occurs for golfing accessories such as golf shoes, t-shirts, gloves, trousers, tees, and other equipment. All these tools have specific qualities that differentiate the good ones from the not-so-good ones.

Ultimately, our vision is your excellent performance, which depends on the choice of equipment, developed skills, and expertise of the player. Frequently, the golf club is perhaps the single factor that contributes most to the overall performance. More so, while considering your options, feel free to try out any of the choices you have and create an image before you finally hit the court with them.

With the Local Golfer, know that we have set everything up for your success. Just check out our online catalogs to see some of our top brands of golf products available at excellent prices. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online golf store?

In the world today, digital marketing has taken over. We are in the era in which you can order your golf clubs online, and you will receive them at the front of your door. There are countless online golf stores in the world. But we are going to list out the best five online golf stores you can patronize.

TaylorMade Golf is one of the biggest brands that deal with selling quality golf clubs. They produce their club. They are more than a retailer. TaylorMade started making their club in 1979 with one ground-breaking driver, and they pick it up from there. Today, TaylorMade is one of the leading brands in discharging golf equipment online. Their golf clubs are affordable, and they will deliver it right for you at your doorstep.

Amazon Golf is a retail giant that has taken over the digital market. There's absolutely nothing you can't get on Amazon. Amazon has a fantastic set of golf clubs been delivered to them directly from the factory. Visit Amazon today for your quality sets of a golf club.

Their golf club equipment includes:
Golf balls
Golf bags
Gold clubs - Putters, iron sets, and drivers
Golf gloves
Swing trainers
Golf shoes
Golf clothing
Hitting nets
Golf smartwatch and so on.

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment has existed as far back as 1953. They focus on selling golf clubs. They indeed have in stock several clubs you will ever need. Ben Hogan is one of the leading stores that won't disappoint you. Their golf clubs are not expensive.

Fairway Golf is an extensive online golf store that sells every type of equipment you can ever imagine. You can try and check their site. You will see varieties of golf clubs that will improve your performance at an affordable price. When you have a business deal with them, you have access to enjoy free shipping on orders over $99.

Golf Galaxy is the right place to get your top-shelf golf clubs. They are known for being a cut above the rest. They offer quality golf club equipment like balls, set of irons, golf bags, drivers, putters, and other golfing equipment that you can ever imagine. Golf Galaxy has been maintaining digital marketing leads for years when it comes to golf club equipment. Golf Galaxy can be your best online golf store. Contact them today, and you'll be glad you did.

What is the best golf brand for beginners?

You may be wondering why the need for a unique brand for beginners. Honestly, not all golf brands have the set of golf clubs that a beginner can afford. Some brands deal with golf equipment for professional golfers alone. However, some brands have taken it up to attend to beginners in the Golf world. Are you a beginner? And you've been using your friend's golf club for a day's play. I want to tell you that lending from your friend won't take you anywhere. You need to stand on your own if you're going to add a speck of seriousness to your game. Hence, you need a set of golf clubs that are deliberate for beginners. Accordingly, we are here to help you list the best golf brands for beginners.

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set aims to help beginners meet their needs in the best way possible. They have a unique set of clubs that will allow you to discharge effective longer shots, more control, and more confidence. You will be opportune to have both the driver and the putter in one set. Other set includes three wood, 4 and 5 hybrid, 6 to 9 Iron, PW and SW, Stand Bag and four headcovers. You will have all this set at once, so you don't need to buy any other club separately.

Other benefits include:

Buying at an affordable price
• A bag with a lot of pockets to store accessoriesIrons that are designed to hit good shots
• 12 complete clubs
• High precision and stainless steel iron
• A putter that is will offer better accuracy and distance control
• Forgiving irons

Wilson Men and Teen Complete Golf set deals with light-weighted sets of clubs specially designed for beginners. Although their collection of a golf club is not as complete as Callaway's collection, you will get a unique set of affordable clubs. You will acquire a driver, a hybrid, a fairway wood, 6 to 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a stand bag, and a putter. They will give you a driver that delivers a great distance. Each club from Wilson offers forgiveness. Wilson's iron has a steel shaft that will provide you with better control and accuracy. Their golf bag has better straps, and all their clubs are generated with highly developed technology.

Why is golf equipment so expensive?

It is not news that golf clubs are pretty expensive. Golf clubs are costly due to the increase in the costs of research and development. Also, golf companies need to spend a vast sum of money on marketing a new golf club. Below are the reasons why golf clubs are too expensive:

1. Marketing costs

Marketing costs will increase the price of gold clubs. Golf companies spend a lot of money on advertisements. Hence, creating a massive awareness to golfers about the new golf clubs requires spending a lot of money. This feature involves spending money on television commercials during golf tournaments or printing new golf clubs on golf magazines. Marketing is costly, and the companies need to regain the money that they spend on marketing.

2. The materials in the golf club

The cost of a golf club depends on the materials used in producing it. For instance, clubs made of graphite will be high priced than clubs made of steel. It occurs because graphite is a lighter material, and it is more flexible than steel. However, you can't compare the result that a golf club made of graphite will give you golf clubs made of steel. Therefore, graphite golf clubs will outshine most steel golf clubs.

3. Durability

Expensive golf clubs are durable. When you buy a costly golf club, you may likely use and enjoy it for years. Not all golf clubs are stable. Generally, golf clubs are made of stainless steel because they are relatively cheap, making the golf club durable.

4. Golf companies need to make a profit

Making a good golf club will cost companies a lot of money because of the various materials they need to gather in production. Apart from that, the companies will have to pay for research, marketing, development, and other fees. Hence, the profit that the company will make from selling is essential as well. Therefore, after collating the total money spent during the production process, the company will add its profit.

5. Improved performance has a price

New clubs are molded to give players more precision and longer distance. Professional golfers will appreciate every advanced factor first-class clubs offer. However, this will attract extra cost.

Finally, keep in mind that the amount you will spend in getting your golf clubs depends on your financial plan and proficiency.