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Essential golf accessories every golfer should have

Some essential items you need on the golf course are not strange to identify. For instance, the use of golf bags to move your clubs and the golf balls that you use remains crucial. However, you may not have thought of a need to use a carrier or pushcart until you get on the golf course. Therefore, below are some of these essential items every Golfer should have.

Most Important Golf Accessories

Rangefinder or GPS Watch and Batteries

Rangefinders are an essential tool for any serious golfer who wants to improve his game towards more excellent performance. Perhaps a newbie golfer may not care much while still training to get other things to better use. But as far as an intermediate or a pro golfer is concerned, there is an undeniable need for a rangefinder. For instance, there is a 30 putt difference between a 140-yard shot and a 150-yard shot.

In other words, you need to be completely accurate with your intended shot and not take chances, no matter how little. A rangefinder or a GPS watch can help gadgets and don't forget to hold extra batteries. Local Golfer offers perfect choices that include Callaway 250+ Rangefinder, Callaway 350TL Laser Rangefinder, and Callaway Hybrid Laser Rangefinder & GPS. Others have the Callaway Tour S Rangefinder and Callaway EZ Rangefinder.

Push Cart

In choosing your golf bag, another essential item you need is the pushcart to help you move items from one place to another. More so, there are many options in the choice of cart that you can get. However, the best choice to pick is the one with three wheels that is convenient to push around. You can also explore some top brands that you can go through, which is relatively easier than pulling around.

Several sophisticated brands of pushcarts are available in the market, including the Clicgear 4.0 Amry Brown Golf Buggy. This particular item has an adjustable upper saddle for optimum bag fit. It also has a pair of durable silicon straps with a silicon scorecard and a pencil holder, as well as an umbrella tube strap. Professional golf players can optimize the use of the pushcart, especially when playing in a bigger tournament.

Golf Towels

As the game of golf proceeds, you may need a towel always to dry off any sweat that may accrue on your hands and face. Towels are essential that even if you leave off or forget it anywhere on the course, you should have an extra one elsewhere. However, if you have used a glove for your game, you might not need a towel to clean your hands, except your face. Another advantage of using a towel is to clean up your golf that may be affected by wetness.

To mix up its use, you may use a different side to clean the ball and clean your face. Alternatively, you may use others for the two separate processes or leave one permanently in the bag to prevent forgetting it. Don't forget that in the use of towels, it is essential to use multiple towels.

Golf Pencils

You don't want to suddenly discover that you need to write on your scorecard and not find a pencil in the bag. Golf pencils are applicable for filling up your scorecards. Simultaneously, there might also be a space for coins, tees, divot tools, and other smaller items in the bag's pocket spaces. When you need to note something down, you may need a pencil to write it down. More so, pencils are cheap enough to always keep a pack for yourself when needed.

Golf Tees

Golf Tees is not strange to find because, wherever you see golf balls, you must discover golf tees as well. There are two options, such as a wooden or plastic tee. Some golfers prefer the plastic tee to the wooden ones, but eventually, each person has to pick a favorite. By the way, a tee is a t-shaped object on which a ball sits before you take your shot. Tees are very cheap to get, yet they are critical to the game.

Stores sell tees in packs, but you must pick the best brands that offer you the best possible height for your shot. Don't hesitate to stock up as many tees as possible while preparing for a game. And it doesn't matter whether you are a professional or amateur golfer. Note that the force of your hit must be on your golf ball and not your tee. On the other hand, having some extra tee makes you a great team player for others who may run out of tees at any point in the game.


Some golf players have formed the habit of dropping off a quarter at important places instead of using outright ball markers. Markers can be relatively expensive and a waste of money in the long run, while the coin can be a perfect shape and size to serve the same purpose. When you form the habit of keeping a few quarter coins in your golf bag, say 5 to 10 pieces, you may never know when they will be helpful.

Besides, the quarter coins may also serve as small bets on shots while you are on the course. These ideas can make things more interesting as you proceed in the game. Similarly, using silver-colored coins may prove far more helpful than copper because one can quickly lose the latter. Copper coins look like blemishes on the green turf, but a golfer can easily spot a silver coin on the turf.

Golf Accessories You will Eventually Need

Apart from the main accessories and golf apparel that accompany the golf game that you may easily miss, you may ignore the listed items below. Yet, you will eventually need them too. Otherwise, it may cost more to fix what they could have done. Kindly follow these items and stock them up in your golf bag for the rainy day.

Divot Tool

A divot tool is a course fixer whenever you make a divot on the green turn. The turf's hole may easily mess up the ground for other golfers, and no one likes to have such in their line of play. Similarly, divots harm the green turf and make it look somewhat unkempt. So, if everyone who drives a divot in the ground leaves it and takes off, it destroys the course. Meanwhile, if every player who makes a divot in the bottom uses the tool to fix it, that's a good sportsmanship character.

Think about this, anytime you make a divot in the ground, pull out your divot tool and stick it into the soil around that portion to fix it. Similarly, depending on the base of play, some courses give out divot fixes free of charge to their golf players. And in case you are playing on an unfamiliar ground without provision for a divot tool, you should keep some already in your golf bag.

Retractable Club Brush

The retractable club brush is an essential ingredient for cleaning up your clubs. Notably, when your clubs accrue wet soil and dirt over time, it may cause rust formation on the metallic parts. Besides, cleaning is most straightforward when using a study brush after each shot or at the end of around. When your club remains in good shape, it boosts your confidence and groove. The retractable club brush has two sides of different bristles, a hard and a soft part.

If you need to remove a few dirt or droplets of water on the club's surface, the soft side can do that. On the other hand, if you need to remove a speck of tough dirt almost becoming rust, you need to use stiff bristles. In addition to the strands, the hard part may also have a needle to scrape off any undesired stain or dirt from the club. Most modern bags have a designated interest to hold objects like your club brush, hence the need to keep it safe.

Golf Shoe Bag and Truck Organizer

It might get a bit messy after the game if you have to walk back to your car with all the dirt golf clothing. Therefore, you may need to use a golf shoe bag to keep your dirty shoes that now probably contain some dirt, mud, sand, or even pebbles. Once you remove the shoes, you can dust off the particles and keep them inside a shoe bag until you are ready for a thorough cleaning at home.

Besides, a golf trunk organizer is an essential tool to use to achieve some level of convenience. This organizer can be large enough to contain some extra clothes, balls, shoes, or writing materials, all in one place. Having such a container ensures that you don't leave out an essential item and, more importantly, make you appear more organized. Different brands of truck organizers have hit the market today with exciting features.

Golf Umbrella

While you are preparing for your game, remember that playing golf outdoors carries a risk of rain with it. Check to see if there is a chance it will rain that day. And if there is, find a place to keep your umbrella. Notably, during the rainy season, you should keep your golf umbrella handy so that you can keep your vital object safe and dry when it is raining. Mind you, of all things that should not be wet. It would help if you protected your balls.

Otherwise, wet golf balls can quickly go out of bounds and frustrate the Golfer day. The essence of an umbrella cannot be overemphasized when it comes to your time on the golf course. At times the rain showers may test our patience even on unexpected days and just last for a few minutes.

Water Bottle and Snacks

On long days of play, you need to stay up hydrated and energetic. Amazingly, it is easy to completely forget that you need to be refreshed until the real thirst comes. Then, you discover that you have not prepared water to drink nor snacks to take. In a big competition such as the Australian Open, you can quickly become tired on a sunny day and lose concentration. Besides, without drinking enough water, you may even be affecting the circulation of oxygen.

On the other hand, you may need to keep some snacks handy on a long game day. Your system will eventually demand energy when you need it, but don't wait until you feel hungry or thirsty before taking food or drink inside. Meanwhile, it is not advisable to take up anything you are offered on the course, which is why you should come on your own.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Sunscreen is a protective cream that protects your skin against the effects of the direct rays from the sun. Depending on the area where you play, a sunny afternoon can cause skin burns when you stay under the sun for more than 4 hours at a stretch. Therefore, in such circumstances, it is advisable to always put on some sunscreen layers before you step out at all. At times, some of the sunscreens may be in the form of a lotion or spray on the body.

On the other hand, you can apply bug sprays also to prevent your skin from bug bites. The golf course may often harbor some bugs that may continue to make you uneasy if you don't care. But when you prepare ahead by spraying an anti-bug spray, you must keep it in the bag while coming. Just like other smaller items, your golf bag must provide room for such things.

Blister Tape

This item is another essential ingredient in your golf bag that you may not realize until the day your hands from blisters. Without the blister tape, a player may practically have to take a decent break from the game for a while. But with the blister tape, you can protect blistered hands and continue to take excellent shots as though nothing happened. However, after the game, ensure you cover the blisters with Band-Aids and Neosporin as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, you can get friendly and medically safe blister tape to protect your hands as first aid before the actual treatment. Also, to prevent the blisters completely, especially if you know you may likely get them, use gloves to hold your clubs. With the use of gloves, you not only protect your hands against the possibility of blisters but also increase the grip on the club handle.