Why You Should Add the Clicgear Buggy to Your Golf Collection (A Full Guide)

The Clicgear buggy product is one of the brands that give professional golfers the experience of their lifetime. Top-rated golfers rely on the Clicgear model of the buggy to get the best performance in every game. One noticeable characteristic of the brand is a collection of classic products that are durable and have a lightweight. Users can also fold the clicgear buggy in a matter of seconds as it has an easy push design and an uber-compact storage component.

Pro golfers don't have to bother their minds about managing their golf accessories using the suitable buggy. The next decision will be which clicgear buggy they will like to get that meet their exact needs. This article will discuss some of the best products among the clicgear buggy class you should consider a golfer. Apart from the classic features of these items, users may also get to learn about the marketing packages that are available and the customer reviews.

A little Background on Clicgear Buggys

Clicgear as a brand is a Hong Kong-based company responsible for designing, producing, and distributing high-quality products. Their inventions also prove that the company is highly innovative for sports products for those who appreciate golf. In addition, clicgear buggy is one of the fantastic products distributed worldwide through various retailing channels and partners.

Kevin Kimberley, a Hong-Kong based head industrial designer, is responsible for designing the clicgear products, including the buggy. Kevin also has up to 16 years of cognitive experience as an industrial designer in mechanical, industrial and petroleum engineering. Consequently, the Clicgear buggy represents a unique golf class that contributes immensely to a golfer's experience. Some of the classic items in the brand include the wheel cart, san bottle, umbrella angle adjuster, show brush, golf club brush, and other exciting things.

There is a special feeling when a golfer carries the clicgear buggy around the course after each round. For one, this brand of products is suitable for diverse terrains and different climatic conditions with that of Australia. It is hard to point at one thing imperfect about the clicgear buggy of varying class and models. Besides, amidst all the pro golf items, clicgear maintains its quality to keep the golfer's quality

Outstanding features of the Clicgear Buggy Products

1.     Stability

The Clicgear products, ranging from the Clicgear 3.5 and later versions, are known for a very stable outlook. They have a structure with a wide wheelbase and an overall strong tube geometry. Also, they are capable

2.     Bag Versatility

Combining a highly durable Clicgear B3 Golf Bag with the wheeled cart is perfect for your game day. In addition, the Clicgear buggy brand also caters for the majority of the golf bags in the current marketplace. As a matter of fact, this exceptional cart doesn't actually require buying a new bag. Meanwhile, it has adjustable arms that can allow even the most rotund golf bag containing pro's items.

3.     Compact size

Clicgear golf buggy also has a great size that is compact enough for the application of the tool. It can stop some people in their tracks for the right reason: first, its ability to fold and unfold. More so, it can fit into several different sizes of car trunks with which it can hold a golf bag.

4.     Solid tyres

There is an industry-standard that the clicgear buggy obeys through exceptional tubeless tyres with a lightweight. Although they may still be subject to poop adhesion, it is not difficult to clean them up with the treads. 

5.     Solid construction

The build of the clicgear golf buggies is one significant assurance to golfers that it could stand the test of time. The tool can serve a great deal with its longevity, which can last as long as you want. Of course, you also need to maintain good hygiene, including constant cleaning with a touch of the lube. As long as you keep the culture, you can be sure the golf buggies can serve you nicely.

6.     Course ergonomics

The use of clicgear buggy of different models is suitable for diverse golf course surfaces. Meanwhile, some specific parts include the console or the handle with a height for easy adjustment while pushing. The golfer will not have to experience any stress whatsoever to drive or park the buggy. In addition, it is way easier to roll the gadget over the course with its bulky tubular geometry.

An Overview of the Classic 2021 Clicgear Model 8 Golf Buggy

Any golfer who requires a pushcart that combines stability and effortlessness in a perfect balance, then the clicgear model 8 is the right choice. For one, as a 4-wheel pushcart in 2021, it gives the golfer the high level of flexibility of use that is otherwise difficult for a 3-wheel cart. Definitely, this alone is a great reason why you should choose a 4-wheel drive above a 3-wheel clicgear golf buggy for use in Australia.

The typical price of the clicgear model 8 is usually around $300 in the current market. Meanwhile, the physical dimensions include 15 inches width, 17 inches depth and 27 inches height. As expected, golfers can fold and unfold the model 8 of the clicgear buggy quickly. Besides, the 22 pounds of the device may be heavier than a 3-wheel cart, but it is still far more helpful than other typical 4-wheel pushcarts. The use of this buggy can clearly create an unforgettable experience.

Meanwhile, any additional weight to the clicgear model 8 compared to the earlier models makes it more stable. So, let us look more specifically at the features that make the clicgear model 8 buggy stand out.

1.     It has a 4XFold System

Yes, you heard that right! Clicgear buggy can easily fold in 4 different directions, including folding up or down. The nature of the 4XFold system is peculiar to this model 8 pushcart as a unique patented design. In a few moves, as few as 4, golfers can actually fold up and lock the whole pushcart into a very portable size.

2.     An oversized console

Clicgear buggy model 8 also have a fascinating oversized console, which is so built for extra carriage of pencil holder and scorecard. Meanwhile, the underlying essence is that users can customize the actual push gear to serve much more uses than the typical buggies. In addition, other attachments include the umbrella holder, cooler bag, large cup hold, seat, cigar holder and other connectible items that are sold separately.

3.     Super Braking System

The flexibility of the clicgear buggy is incomplete without mentioning the fantastic braking system. This design system includes two front wheels that carry modern brakes with a control lever near the handle. In other words, after you may have positioned your cart in the right place, the brake lever is close to the same handle. This extra convenience also requires that the front wheels are built with an independent alignment from the back wheels. The alignments come with adjustable screws that can help users maintain the riding of the buggy ride over time.

4.     Accessible Storage Net

The clicgear buggy has a single storage net underneath the handle usable for holding small items safely. Some of the specific things you can keep there include mobile phones, keys, wallets, the golf GPS device or a rangefinder. More so, the storage device secures the items and hides them away from privy eyes, which makes it suitable for keeping precious things you may have with you.

5.     Bag security with the buggy

The latest model 8 of the clicgear buggy is a fantastic choice when it comes to the primary purpose of securing your golf bag. It has a highly secure bag holding system with a set of adjustable silicon straps that can hold your bag more firmly. Meanwhile, it is also worth mentioning the position of the straps, which is at the buggy top, near the handle. Whereas the other side of the strap is connected to the bottom saddle of the bag support. This firm holding is another tremendous value that the model 8 buggy adds to the user's safety experience.

How does using the Clicgear Model 8 Buggy Feel?

Talking about the clicgear buggy on paper is one experience. Taking the actual product out for a spin on the course is another level. One of the few things you can quickly notice is how easy and quickly you can unfold and fold up this gadget in no time. Not only so, but you can also easily strap in your golf bag in no time. Meanwhile, irrespective of the size of your car trunk, loading up the folded clicgear buggy into it cannot be difficult.

We earlier mentioned that the alignment of the front wheels is slightly different and independent of the back wheels. Meanwhile, these wheels gently glide through the turf. At the same time, the separate wheels can also be separately adjusted to fit the peculiar use. You should also take note that the back wheels are slightly larger than the front wheels. But the benefit of this attribute is that the buggy has more stability, especially on a bumpy part of the golf surface.

Another essential experience you have with this buggy is the silicone straps that are pretty adjustable to the desired length. Of course, some of us love to strap in our golf bags very tightly and close to the top. Meanwhile, other people may even go as far as overloading the bags on the pushcart. But in whatever situation, the clicgear can bear the load considerably without any fear that it will tip over at any point.

General Pros and Cons of the Clicgear 8

We have already discussed the outstanding features of the clicgear model 8 for particular uses. But then, we want to attempt to give a summary of the advantages of using this gadget. On the other hand, we will site one or two reasons you should take note of. Let's examine them.


  • The clicgear buggy is very stable for use
  • It has a compact size with fitted components
  • Attractive colour scheme to suit the golfer's preference
  • A 4-wheel drive design including two paired front wheels and two back wheels
  • Highly customizable for use
  • No need to assemble any part from the package box


  • This buggy can only be used to carry cart bags only
  • It may be somewhat hard to find but thankfully, localgolfer.com.au stocks a great deal of the latest brand models
  • No inclusion of accessories in the major buggy, except the golfer buys them separately

Some additional items you can add to the Clicgear Buggy

While considering picking the clicgear buggy as the next best item for your golfing career, think alongside other related and vital things. For instance, clicgear also produces cooler bags, seat, canopy umbrella, brush, cup holder and the rest. We shall consider the peculiar features of some of these items one after the other, but rather not in the order of their importance.

Clicgear Buggy Insulated Cooler Bag

If you have the premium Clicgear Push Cart Insulated Cooler Bag, you can be sure to enjoy the following features:

  • An upper pocket that can store as many snacks as you want
  • An insulated lower bag that can hold up to six cans of drinks
  • A mesh pocket that has a design for an ice pack
  • The golfer can get this product for as low as $55

Clicgear Cup Holder

Have you seen the clicgear cup holder? It has the following features:

  • A top-quality construction
  • Easily connectible with the clicgear
  • It can easily click on the accessory tab as well
  • Costs as low as $24

Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster Mount

An umbrella mounts with an angle adjuster already suggests some of the features you can expect it t have, which include:

  • Gives an extra headroom where you can quickly put away some of your items
  • The mount can also allow you to adjust the umbrella to the right, left, forward or backwards.
  • It is compatible with all Rovic and Clicgear buggies
  • Can hold umbrellas that have up to 1.5 inches diameter handle


In summary, the clicgear model 8 buggy is a perfect push cart for golfers as it adds much more value to the game. And even if you are looking for the right golf baggies for sale in Australia, we strongly recommend the clicgear golf buggy brand. Meanwhile, some of the classic Clicgear buggy products and accessories that you can find on thelocalgolfer.com.au includes

  • Clicgear 4.0 Golf Buggy comes in different colours such as Matte Lime, Matte Blue, Red, Black, Teal, and Soft Pink
  • Clicgear Rovic RVIC Compact Golf Buggy in silver or black colours
  • The Clicgear 3 wheel cart seat
  • Clicgear Rovic RVIC/RV1S seat
  • Clicgear Sand bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the elastic or silicone strap for my scorecard and pencil holder?

The elastic or silicon strap on the clicgear buggy is replaceable with an elastic scorecard strap. However, some other options may also be applicable but must retain the efficiency of the overall buggy. For one, Clicgear also provides an alternative scorecard elastic band that can efficiently replace the old straps if you really need to. Meanwhile, this replacement option costs about $2 in the stock market.

Golfers who value the importance of having their golf bags strapped to their carts will find this content more helpful. While it may be relatively complex for the load on the coach to remain strapped for 90% of the walk, golfers still need to be sure that the bag is safe. More so, they need a buggy that can bear the weight and that they can manoeuvre around the field of play. Also, while the golfer climbs over hills, both the straps and the bag must be firmly held together. It may also happen while you walk through bumpy parts of the terrain.

Moreover, the general review of the elastic strap or silicon is excellent. For instance, a buyer submitted that the adjustable strap can really serve as a replacement for anytime the bag strap breaks. Meanwhile, the replacement strap is not costly at all and can be delivered directly to your address. More so, the customer has had this clicgear buggy cart for more than 3 years and is having such a great time with it.

At the same time, the replaceable elastic scorecard set-up strap is also straightforward to install and use instantly. In addition, users can also upgrade the previous generations of the pushcart using the elastic silicon clicgear strap. This new silicone bag strap system can work for both the 3-wheel and the 4-wheel cart models. User experience has also shown that the straps can hold your bag more tightly and safely. Besides, the straps are very lightweight and hardly gives any stress.

On the other hand, the clicgear silicon strap for the buggy can also be part of the upgrade kit that every golfer should have. Firstly, it allows the user to improve their clicgear buggies into more comprehensive coverage.  It may also come with other associated fittings while only appearing in black colour. Model 4 of the clicgear buggy has an upgrade kit for both upper and lower silicon strap set, each connected to the upper and lower arms. Other accessories are also present.

Even when the protocols of locking the golf buggy mechanism arrived, the use of appropriate straps did not still become an outdated idea. In addition, it is even easy to figure out the loop system that is adjustable for different types and sizes of bags that golfers may use. 

What are the peculiar features of the Clicgear Model 8+ 4-Wheeled buggy?

The Clicgear Model 8 buggy is an exceptional choice among pushcarts as an award-winning brand. It also has an easy-to-use brake system, whose level control is closer to the cart's handle for easy access. Meanwhile, the strap layers have been doubled to have an upper and lower layer of silicon bag straps. But what are the other things that you need to know before buying the product? We are going to be highlighting its key features right away.

1.     A patented 4XFold Technology

The folding technology of the clicgear buggy is an integral part of its application. The first implication of this system is that you can now begin to minimize the space that your pushcart occupy in your car space. More so, if you drive a relatively more minor car with a smaller truck space, then a model 8 of clicgear golf buggies on sale can be folded four times.

2.     Front Wheels System

A peculiar system of operation into the pushcart use also includes the mechanical design of the front wheel. First of all, the pair of wheels are separated as wide as possible to make room for more stability. In addition, these front wheels also have a separate axle and alignment from the back wheels, mainly to bear the brakes. At the same time, the front wheels are a bit bigger than the rear wheels to support the balance.

3.     A new brake handle

Unlike the brake systems of the previous versions of the clicgear buggy, model 8 does a better job than the rest. For a start, the new brake handle system of the new model is accessible to the user with a responsive level close to the handle. In addition, the highly improved brakes import the mechanism of a proven design in the Clicgear M3 5+ and M4 models. But then, it creates such a fantastic flow of flexibility and control for the user.

4.     A Silicone Bag Strap

Finally, the manufacturer got tired of reproducing elastic straps and invented a new branded silicone bag strap. This component dramatically increases the chances of adjustability, flexibility and grip, all in one item. It is pretty effortless to unpack the straps and fix them at the right place in an out-of-the-box use. Moreover, you don't even need any tool to get the whole thing done. Also, the silicone bag strap is part of the M8+ trim kit available as a separate package.

When you open a golf bag, you will likely see fourteen (14) golf clubs in it. A golfer is allowed to have at least 14 clubs in his bag. The golf governing bodies have strictly included the minimum of clubs that should be in a golf bag to be 14 clubs according to rule No. 4 in golf management.

A golfer will be penalized if he carries more than 14 clubs in his bag. Knowing how many clubs you are allowed to take is essential when playing a match race or open contest. The United States Golf Association (USGA) has instructions that other golf associations follow about the number of clubs allowed in a golf club bag.

As a golfer, you may carry:

  • A putter
  • Three kinds of wood (a driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood)
  • Eight irons (3-9 irons and a pitching wedge)

These are the 12 significant clubs that are expected to be in the golfer's bag. However, if a golfer has reached these 12 clubs, he can pick another two clubs according to his choice. Therefore, when choosing your golf club, you can add two clubs to the standard allowance of 12 clubs in the bag.

The last two clubs can be drivers (hybrid) used on the fairway and a wedge used for the golfer's short game. Also, a golfer may choose to use two wedges, a lob wedge or a sand wedge. Of course, you know that the lob wedge provides better lift, while the sand wedge helps with dangerous bunker shots.

Finally, it is expedient for golfers to know the golf clubs projected to be in a golf bag. We have learned that there are major 12 leading golf clubs together with another two different ones. These are the allowed clubs to be in a golf bag before coming for a match competition or open tournament. Therefore, the expected golf clubs in a golf bag should be 14.

How can I replace some parts of my Clicgear Buggy Cart?

Perhaps, yours is a case of a frustrated golf player who took out his anger on the clicgear cart. By the time you got calmer, you had seen that you had spoiled a part of the pushcart. Now, you need to fix the damaged part, and you need some help. This section gladly provides answers to these questions and suggest ways of solving the problem. For a start, can you identify which part of the pushcart you need to fix? If yes, search for the particular item from pro golf stores.

On the other hand, if it is difficult to tell which part of the clicgear buggy needs fixing, you may consult your manual. The manual gives a rough idea of what it is called and how you can replace it. On some occasions, you may have to contact the store where you bought the tool from. For instance, buying from thelocalgolfer.com.au ensures you have a security guarantee over all our products. Meanwhile, we also have a customer-friendly return policy that helps a lot.

When you consult the major distributor or retailer manufacturer, they may have a particular suggestion depending on the extent of the damage. Similarly, different parts of the clicgear buggy are replaceable with other sold accessories and components. Some of the usually attached accessories may include the cooler bag, wheel kit (if you damage the wheels), and seat. The damage may also affect the wheel cover, the travel cover, the umbrella port and shoe brush.

For instance, the wheel kit for clicgear model 8.0 allows users to dress up the cart correctly and replace old wheels with new ones. These kits come in different colours that match the production carts for the clicgear brand. Other attributes may also include the free design, easy maintenance, solid foam core tires with an EVA foam and a natural rubber blend. The tires also have a carefully engineered rim with high strength, a wide solid tread, and press-fit sealed ball bearings.

You may also want to add a new pack bag for the clicgear model 8 buggy. Firstly, the pack bag is robust but has an easily removable Velcro strap. Secondly, it also represents an opportunity to bring in a few items with you to the golf course. In addition, you can keep some of your valuables in there, such as mobile phone, wallets, wrist watches or whatever you don't want to lose. One significant advantage of keeping items in the new bag is that it is made of water-resistant material and prevent water from getting to the observed objects.

How do I maintain my Clicgear Buggy cart?

One of the general ways to clean the clicgear buggy cart is by using a damp cloth rather than washing it with a hose or pressure washer. The other methods may cause water to fill the wheel's frame or even get to the wheel bearings, which may affect it. Also, when you notice that the bag support looks bent, there is no reason to be afraid. The bag support usually has a unique shape and may often look to be off the centre.

The unique design of the bag support is so that it could accommodate various sizes of the golf bag styles without tilting them. In other cases, many golfers complain about the tightness of the bag straps and supports, which eventually does not prevent the tilting of the golf bag. Also, it allows you to fold the pack in all the recommended directions, including forwards, backwards, left and right. Meanwhile, there are other general maintenance tips for clicgear products.

The manufacturer recommends a periodic tightening of the nuts and bolts of the clicgear buggy cart to ensure there are no loose parts. This step also helps keep the tool in one shape over the regular use on the golf course. Also, you should test the firmness and elasticity of the straps and scorecard holder. And if you notice any slackness, it may be time to replace these parts with the recommended replacement parts from a reliable retailer like thelocalgolfer.com.au.

More importantly, the manufacturer FORBIDS the application of any lubricant to any part of the buggy. The primary reason why lubrication is NOT allowed is that it often attracts dirt, which could, in eth long run, affect the central performance of the cart. Meanwhile, the maximum weight recommendation of the device is 35 lbs, which implies the ease of moving around without extra stress. And suppose you need to adjust the alignment of your golf buggy. In that case, you will need to read the instructional manual or watch the alignment videos as a guide.

Meanwhile, while checking for instructions, ensure you pay attention to the particular model you are reviewing. This caution may not be difficult if you find the actual manual that came with your golf cart. But in case you are consulting an electronic copy, verify that the information is for your exact clicgear golf buggy model. Moreover, you do not have to adjust your wheel alignment at all times, lest you tamper with other sensitive parts of the golf buggy.

All the parts and functionality of the device has been checked and certified before leaving the factory. Therefore, you can only take a step if you notice a variance of up to 3% in what the manufacturer did and what you found. In case of a proven misalignment, you can either adjust the front wheels to align with the rest or turn on the 'gyro' (G) function of your remote. When you do that, the computer begins to regulate the speed of each motor in the cart. It is also crucial that the weight of the contents inside the bag is even before working on it.