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Pro Golf Bag Guide: Tips, Pros, and Cons

Depending on how big your golf game is, you will appreciate the need to put all your stuff in one place and move them around. Except in the modern game with motorized movement, particularly in the US, walking in golf is part of the fun. It essentially helps to put the mind into perspective on course. Whether you are new to the game or as a veteran, the golfing experience's central part is the use of bags. These bags are of different shapes and sizes to bear all kinds of items you will need in the game.

The truth is that each person is free to go for the most preferred type of golf bag based on different circumstances and conditions. For instance, you may prefer a tour bag if you need all the golf clubs out there for a long game. On the other hand, you may only need to carry your pencil portable golf bag to serve the purpose during practice. The young golfer's bag accommodates smaller golf clubs for starters and juniors in the game. However, as simple as the classification may seem, making the most suitable golf bag's right choice can get a bit tricky.

Practically, golfers may try a few swings to determine the suitable golf clubs and golf balls but may take relatively several months to decide on the best bag to pick from the pro golf shop. Hence, developing a comprehensive guide to help golfer simplify their complexity with golf bags and make better choices. Our discussion will not be subject to personal scales of what someone expects from a bag. But informative and educative content of what your bag should look like, contain, and be able to do.

Funnily, the kind of bag you carry can tell the level of professional golfing that you have. Therefore, as we go on, we will discuss some of the crucial golf bag brands you can buy from the store. We will then discuss the main types of golf bags out there and the advantages or disadvantages of each type. As a complete guide on golf bags, it is equally important to discuss professional tips to help you figure out the best pack for your game.

Different Types of Golf Bags

Tour Staff Bags

A tour staff bag, or simply a' staff bag', is for players who have another person, a caddie, to carry their clubs for them. On the other hand, some traditionalists may prefer to carry the bags themselves on the bag for the excellent ego feeling or enjoying the mere look. Tour Staff bags are ideal for taking golf tours on a long day, especially if you need extra real estate for the brand that makes them.

Tour bags are the most significant bag in the golf market, housing your essential items. Due to the size, staff bags have extra protection for your clubs. Still, they are more appropriate for golfers who are regular players in high-level tournaments like the Australian, French, or US Open. These bags are usually very bulky, heavy and don't offer as much extra space as they look outside.

However, these large bags can also offer some nice pockets and dividers to accommodate more items that you may have. Some golfers also consider these bags more luxurious than the Stand or Carry Golf bags, perhaps because someone carries them. Some of the classic tour bags in the Local Golfer Pro Shop include the Cleveland CG Staff Bag.

Carry or Sunday Golf Bags

Carry Golf Bags are the types of bags you can bear on your shoulders while you walk around on the golf course. They are also known as Sunday bags because of their suitability for carrying fewer golf clubs than the required 14 clubs. On the other hand, a golfer may just be trying out his or her time on the golf course on a Sunday, and then the needed bags are not the heavy and bulky as the tour bags. An example of the Carry bags is the pencil bags which are more portable for the course.

The carry bags are increasingly gaining more popularity among amateur golfers who play the game for recreational or casual purposes. These bags, at times, come with one or two strong shoulder straps for easy carriage on the golf course. Besides, the leather is also solid and reliable for extended use. It allows you to enjoy your Sunday nine with no hitch or inconvenience. In other words, carry bags are the lightest golf bags you can have, which implies that you can increase your pace of the game with them.

Cart Bags

When compared to staff bags, cart bags are relatively smaller and lighter. The bag design is suitable for use as a push or pulls carts on the golf course. That is, you should consider a cart bag if you have to walk the golf course and a carry bag will be too small for your clubs. You may need the bag to move from your car or cart to the golf course and return them when you are done. If you regard a stand bag so because it stands, then cart bags can be called 'sit' bags.

These bags also come with unique designs and colors in addition to a nice leather build. An average cart bag weighs about 6.5 lbs and can have up to 11 different pockets. They can indeed protect your clubs and reduce any club crowding in the bag. You can buy the Srixon Performance Cart Bag of other colors such as Navy Blue, White, Black, Blue, Grey, and Green. Another cart golf bag in this category is the classic Cleveland CG Cart Bag Orange/Charcoal/White.

Travel Golf Bags

The travel golf bags are for golfers who like to handle their golf clubs as they go on the course. At times, protecting your golf items yourself might be the way to achieve maximum protection. More so, if you need to travel from one place to another and you need to avoid lousy handling during flights, then make use of the travel golf bags on sale at the Local Golfer Store. Meanwhile, it is essential for golfers who travel to play the game to note that the need to transport the bag is crucial in choosing your type of bag.

Weight might not be a factor when you have a riding, pull, or pushcart to help you move around. But in the absence of those, then carefully consider the weight of your bag even as you seek maximum protection. Simultaneously, if your game will demand that you walk around the course, it is better to use a lighter option of a stand or carry bag.

Stand Bags

Stand bags' unique feature is their two retractable legs that allow the bag to stand on its own on the golf course. The ability to retract the legs ensures that you can use it both as a staff bag and as a cart bag to diversify the use for better game performance. These bags also combines the relative weight of carrying bags with the space of staff bag. They are not only light, but they are also fit for use on a pushcart or carrier.

Another advantage of using a stand bag is that you can easily see and pick your desired golf club from the pack at any point of the game. Modern recommended stand bags are those with high light, but solid designs and body build. The multiple-way club spacing adds to the shoulder-padded adjustable straps. These bags may also have other essential but unique features to each classic brand for all kinds of golfers. The Local Golfer sells the Cleveland CG Stand Bag in Black, Charcoal, Orange, or White colors.

How to Choose the Right Golf Bag

There are three most essential qualities of Golf bags that you may like to consider. They are the number of dividers at your disposal, the strap type or system, or the number of pockets or other features that are there. Based on these qualities, below are detailed explanations of how these properties can shape your decision to buy golf bags from a pro golf shop.

The Number of Dividers

The number of dividers in your main golf bag compartments determines the number of ways it is said to have. For instance, a 4-way golf bag has four chambers through divisions in the bag. On the other hand, the divisions can also provide a 10-way or 15-way chambered golf bag simply. Also, the golfer may need to determine how many of the compartments are full length to prevent tangling clubs in your bag. Meanwhile, casual golfers go for fewer dividers, while professional golfers choose more spacing with multiple-way golf bags.

The Strap System

It is vital to be sure that your golf bags' straps are durable enough for their use. For instance, some packs have lift handles connected to the top and bottom parts for more effortless movements. But depending on your need and suitability of the bag is suitable for carrying or pulling, you may need to consider some factors. Other important reasons include the number of the straps and their strength for the contents' required weight. Usually, a staff bag may have double straps, while cart bags have a single strap, and a stand bag may only come with one strap. You may also want to consider if the straps are adjustable or not, either from the front or back. Also, what is the position of the strap when worn?

The Number of Pockets and other features

Apart from the golf bag's main features, such as the main pockets and straps, you may need extra benefits from the golf bag. For instance, does the bag have some extra pockets to keep precious items such as wristwatches, insulated pockets for cold drinks, keys, and cell phones? If you get a staff bag, you may even be able to keep some extra golf apparel and outerwear while on the course. Also, you may need a bag that can hold your umbrella, glove attachment, rain hood, and even having a towel ring. Some of these benefits may not be readily needed on the surface, but when circumstances require them, you may find a great need for them.

Top Brands of Pro Golf Bags available at the Local Golfer Shop

The Cleveland Bag

Cleveland cart bag ensures a total length of your golf clubs through 14-way dividers and smooth zippers. They also come in various color combinations with black to create your variety and charm. The typical product from the Cleveland brand is the cart bag.

Srixon Bag

Srixon produces performance bags as an upgrade to 14-way bags as it has 15 ways and a full-length rain covering. In other words, this brand covers you in case of a downpour on the golf course. This brand also ensures the strength of cart bags with ease of carriage

Taylormade Bag

Taylormade golf bags are well known for their flexibility and stability through various conditions. This brand offers extra room for other items that you may want to keep in the bag. More so, the spare room at the bottom cushions your clubs and makes them easier to pull out.


The Callaway brand of golf bags usually has an aerospace foam strap and multiple ways for your golf clubs. Depending on which of the bag type you choose, you can also accommodate your clubs' entire length with smooth dividers and extra pockets.

In conclusion, the Local Golfer offers unique pro golf bag products on site, which comes with fast and free shipping throughout Australia. More so, if you follow the guide above, you should be able to make an excellent choice of golf bags at pocket-friendly prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best golf bag to buy?

I know that finding the best golf bag for you in the present market can be somewhat challenging. You already know why. There are many top brands out there making top-quality golf bags with attractive designs and prices. Even a quick online market survey can leave you frozen, having so many options from which you can choose.

Meanwhile, over the years, I have seen many golfers making wrong options in the market. While some choose their golf bags based on the attractive designs, styles, and colors, many, on the other hand, prefer to buy a golf bag at the most affordable price.

It may not seem wrong to choose your golf bag based on your taste and preferences. Nevertheless, as an experienced golfer, I recommend that you purchase the right golf bag that is most suited for your game.

Before we talk about how much change the golf bag you buy can make on your entire golfing experience, you need to note the word 'right' as it is crucial.

Yes! Finding the right golf bag can make a whole lot of difference in your game. That's a fundamental fact that no golfer should undermine. The benefits are endless, though they can be subtle.

The golf bag is one of the essential golf accessories you need to play more comfortably. For instance, a good golf bag will help you organize your game better, allowing you to move around quickly on the golf course.

So, what are the best bags to buy? Without much ado, let's consider the top three golf bags in the present market that can help you play more conveniently and earn more points. Below are the full three golf bags to buy


This golf bag is a unique combination of style and excellent performance. Its lightweight feature allows you to move around carrying your golf accessories with you without stress. One of the exclusive features of this bag is that it is waterproof. You can play your game conveniently, even when it's raining. That's one of the benefits of buying a golf bag with seam-sealed zippers.


This new golf bag is very versatile to carry on a trolley. It's waterproof and super lightweight. The hydro flex stand bag fits perfectly on trolleys. You can also enjoy the easily removable strap that comes with it. The golf bag looks even better than the 2021 version. The manufacturers specially made it to fit into the future.


This super golf bag is one of the best in the present market. It features a very comfortable, easily convertible strap. Indeed, not many golfers can ignore its stylish modern design and its six spacious seam-sealed pockets. It is also waterproof.

How much does a good golf bag cost?

Based on the price list of top online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, the cost of a good golf bag that can serve adequately ranges from $150 - $1 000. In some cases, golf bags can even cost more than $1000. Does that shock you? Yes! I expect it as well.

Golf is a costly sport. You need to get that right and make it stay in your mind, especially if you are a newcomer preparing to get your golf kits. I can repeat it; golf bags can be super expensive, but that's not all you need to know.

Starting from the start, the first thing to consider when considering golf bag prices is the word 'good.' However, among golfers, the term 'good' can be relative to the golf bag. However, that item may still fall below the standard for other players.

While that might not be primarily based on financial capacity, the player's level and experience have much to do with what a golf bag is good or not.

For instance, beginners do not have to spend much buying professional golf kits unnecessarily. If they do, it will only amount to overspending because most of those pro kits are not helpful for first-timers at the beginning of their golf journey.

Hence, if you are still at the beginner level, you might not spend more than $150 to get a good golf bag that will serve you perfectly. But, as you climb higher in the golf ranking, you might need to switch to buying golf bags that fall within the range of $250 - $500.

Besides the player level, another factor influencing how much an excellent golf bag costs is functionality. For instance, a waterproof golf bag can cost up to $600 - $800. I don't expect less. Why? A waterproof golf bag will allow you to play in the rain, protecting your valuable gadgets, including mobile phones, expensive wristwatches, wallets, keys, and more.

As much as you can think that a waterproof bag is expensive, it will end up saving you cost in the long run. Hence, how much your golf bag will cost depends on what type of bag you want and how far you'd like to go in the game.

The bottom line: buying a good golf bag does not all depend on your financial capacity. How much you wish to invest in the game also comes to play if you want to get the best result.

What should every golfer have in their bag?

The question above reminds me of a time long ago when I watched a golf game with my nephew. He curiously asked me, what is that bag? Though that was quite direct, I don't think he eventually got what he wanted to know because I only answered with two words: 'The essentials".

Of course, every professional golfer knows what the golf bag contains. If you ask the question above, it can only mean one thing; you are new to the game.

Yes! The bag contains 'the essentials.' I mean on-course essentials that you can do without, whether you prefer playing your rounds, walking, or moving around in carts.

Since this write-up is about knowing the content of a typical golf bag, let's get to the business at once. Meanwhile, you need to note that all the golf bags you have does not contain the same item. Each golfer solely determines what his/her golf bag would contain depending on what he/she wants to achieve.

Of course, there are basics. The basics are the primary equipment or accessories that every golfer needs to play every single game successfully. The basics include:

  • The golf balls
  • Ball markers
  • Range finder
  • Golf gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Yardage book
  • Towels
  • Water bottles.

Aside from the above listed, there are some other crucial items that golfers may decide to add to the bag to assist play. Though you do not find them in every golfer's bag, they are also essential in making the points more achievable and convenient. These items include:

  • Collapsible Wire Brush
  • Permanent Markers
  • Divot Tool
  • Alignment stick
  • Swinging Aid
  • Valuables Pouch
  • Shoe Inserts
  • Pain Relievers

Additionally, golfers may also include some other golf bag items if there is a change in weather. The reason is that the golf game is on every season. You can be on the golf course during winter or summer. Having known this fact, golfers must add a few things to the bag to save the game when the weather seems to become unfriendly. Items in this category include:

  • Outerwear
  • Umbrella
  • Extra Socks
  • Extra Shirt
  • Rain Hood

Lastly, many things happen unexpectedly, and those unpredictable occurrences can mar the exquisite golfing experience. Hence, golfers might need to be smart enough to include specific items in their golf bags to save the day from the unexpected. These items may include:

  • Extra Range Finder battery
  • Lip Balm
  • Band-Aids
  • USB Card
  • Snacks
  • Extra Cash
  • Koozie
  • Bottle Opener and more.

Who makes the best golf bags?

Having spent several years in the golf industry, I have always advised golfers to try looking away from manufacturers that produce a wide variety of golf kits.

I have grown to learn that buying a golf bag from the same manufacturer that produces golf club, ball, and other golf kits will not give you the best. No matter how popular and reputable the brand might be, I'd instead go for a newcomer producer specializing only in making golf bags.

Most of the top club manufacturers also make top-quality golf bags. But there are a few brands in the present market that mainly specializes in producing high-quality golf bags. What do you expect from a specialist? – Excellence. Those brands make unique golf bags that even some professional golfers may not have heard or seen before.

However, if you like to match your golf gabs with your clubs and balls, it's not a bad idea. I only want you to bear in mind that specialization is vital!

Anyways, this write-up is not one of the usual ones you read online. I specifically make this list to expose you to the best brands that make the best golf bags in this present market. Meanwhile, don't be surprised that I omitted some famous names echoing for several years in the golf industry.

Are you ready to unveil the list? Here you go.


This brand makes high-performing golf bags in stylish modern designs. Most of their golf bags are comfortable to carry around the golf course. Thanks to the convertible strap system. It allows users to easily detach the straps if they decide to use a cart.

For the past few years, Ogio has been leading in producing different golf bags, including stand, cart, and staff bags. This brand makes top-quality bags available for golfers at affordable prices.


Datrek finds its place on this list for making lightweight golf bags with a high level of performance. Most Datrek golf bags come with fantastic accessible storage and ample clothing pocket. They allow you to keep your accessories, range finder, balls, water bottle, and other valuables. Their bags also features a four-way top divider.


Seek to buy a versatile, super-lightweight golf bag with seam-sealed zips and brilliant waterproof technology. Bag Boy can serve your needs sufficiently. BAG BOY golf bags feature a quick-release strap and a molded hip pad that allows ultimate comfort for users when carrying the golf course bag.

Where to buy golf bags?

In this post coronavirus pandemic era, it seems the safest option to make purchases is online. Thanks to the massive online presence of diverse marketplaces that makes purchases effortless and more comfortable. It's exciting that you can sit down at the comfort of your home and pick up your ordered items right in front of your door.

Here's the good news: the golf industry is not lagging in this trend. Like every other commodity, you can order your golf bags and other golf equipment on your mobile devices at the comfort of your home without having stress out.

While several online marketplaces are claiming to be selling golf bags, only a few of them have the credibility of selling top-quality golf bags. The truth is, that can help you do better planning for every single round on the golf course.

Here's a list of the most trusted online marketplaces that sell top-quality golf bags to anywhere around the globe.


You might know Amazon to be a leading online marketplace where people worldwide purchase a wide variety of goods; that's right. You also need to know that the brand is also one of the world's biggest golf bag sellers. For several years now, Amazon has gained a giant statue in golf. And has become a usual place of visit for pro golfers anytime they need to buy golf equipment.


eBay is a renowned golf bags retailer. The brand is almost synonymous with a golf store. Aside from the top-quality golf bags you can get from this site. The store also deals mainly in other golf equipment. One of the secrets that made golfers fall in love with this store is selling quality products at the seemingly most affordable prices. Ask one or two golfers around; they are familiar with this store.


Golfland is a vast online golf store. Without much explanation, the name has already made it clear that the store specializes in selling golf equipment. Though not so popular among old-timer golfers, this store is a credible place to buy top-quality golf bags at affordable prices.


Expressgolf is a fast-rising golf store that focuses on satisfying golfers with incredibly high-quality golf equipment. Some golfers especially prefer this online golf sore because it offers an easy order process. You don't need much internet experience to purchase from the site.


This store is relatively a new golf store, but you can trust the quality of their golf equipment. As the name implies, their golf items are incredibly affordable. The store is still in the mood of attracting customers to its site. So, you can take that advantage to buy more and spend less.