Best choice of golf apparel for the game [full guide]

It is easy to assume that all that the golf game requires as apparel is anything casual. However, the 'casual' for appearance in golf has clear rules and regulations. So, while you may like to dress freely, there are no's and don't to your golf attire with all the included accessories. In other words, don't be carefree about it because, as a professional game, it also demands that the players come with a sense of honor for the game.

More so, style ambassadors for famous fashion brands such as Nike, Puma, Ralph, and others have tremendously created an expected golf player's reputation to match. For emphasis's sake, golf clothing is not just about personal fashion but the actual necessity that the game demands. Some essential items must be part of your time while on the golf course. This content will discuss some of the crucial tips for proper Golf Apparel.

Furthermore, it can help get more confident when shopping for the proper golf apparel. First of all, it is crucial not to underestimate formal golfing attire under each specific weather condition and the game's professional level. Below are some fundamental reasons why it is important to dress correctly for golf. Note that many of these golf apparel is available for purchase in Australia from the Local Golfer Shop.

Why is the proper Golf Apparel Important?

Golf Courses usually have a dress code

Before you enter a golf course, bear in mind that there are dress codes that each golf course permits. Therefore, if you have come to play the game, you have a common way to dress that follows specific basic rules. These rules may not be stringent, which may not involve coercion to buy. Still, you will learn to follow the directions for uninterrupted time on the golf course. For clarity on what is acceptable on each golf course, you may have to call ahead to check for dress codes, especially if you are playing there for the first time. If you are a beginner, don't just assume you know by wearing a pair of jeans and a jersey.

Correct dressing prevents injury

When you are dressed correctly for the game, you minimize the possibility of injury on the course. For instance, when you put on a glove, it can prevent the possibility of having blisters or discomfort after the game, especially as a newbie. Otherwise, a full day on the golf course may cause some injury and soreness to your hands. Besides, wearing the correct golf shoes protects the legs, especially in wet weather when the grass may be slippery. All these attires add to the comfort you should have on the game and the ease of moving around.

They protect you from harsh weather

Another level of protection you get from your golf clothing is against the harsh weather. For instance, a golfer may need to put on some long sleeves to protect the skin and some caps as head covering. For example, a very sunny afternoon may require some protection from direct sunlight. A set of winter gear during hot weather causes excessive sweating and an overheated feeling on the course. On the other hand, you can show up in shorts and a t-shirt on a warmer day, and you won't be hurt because you are safe. Otherwise, on a cold day, these golf apparel choices can make your joints too stiff and uncomfortable playing on the course.

Dress for comfort

When picking the right apparel to buy for your golf game, keep in mind that you need to be comfortable. Anything less than a firm comfort and confidence from you should not come up at all. Golf is a sport, and you should wear breathable apparel that makes you very comfortable and at ease. Oversized or undersized golf clothing can cause a terrible day because of looseness or tightness, as the case may be. Please don't spoil your day before it begins.

The Most Essential Golf Clothing Items

Golf Shoes

One of the essential items in your golf apparel is your golf shoes that must be comfortable. Golfing requires standing, walking, and squatting, and the clothing and accessories must permit those positions. It is not enough to pick a pair of generally acceptable sports shoes. Meanwhile, it must have a golf design, particularly in the sole shape and surface friction control. For instance, you cannot afford to buy a pair of shoes that give you sweaty, injured, painful, sore feet at the end of the day. Therefore, you need to carefully select the correct type of breathable shoes for your game. There are three top golf shoes to choose f: the steel spikes (for professionals only), the weak points, and the spike-less shoes (most common). The Local Golfer Shop has some fantastic golf shoes, such as the Asics Gel Course Duo Boa and the glide versions.

Golf Shirts

Golf shirts are a broad category of the highly essential item in your golf apparel for male and female golfers. It would help if you considered the golf course area's predominant weather before you buy your next set of golf shirts. For instance, cooler weather may require wearing some attire that is made of cotton. On the other hand, warmer regions or areas may accommodate synthetic materials that can allow your sweat to evaporate while keeping you dry and relaxed on the inside. There are several fantastic golf clothing available in online golf shops, but local Golfer offers the best you can get. Remember, sports jerseys are a big 'NO,' especially when they have large banners or foul language.

Shorts or Slacks

The choice of shorts or slacks may depend on your golf course area's personal preference or the weather condition. But in making your choice, ensure you always use belts through the loops and not drawstrings or soccer shorts. Also, be conscious of the material as cotton fabrics are better for cold weather, and synthetic materials can work better for warmer conditions. You may lie to consider some branded shorts or under armor for slacks to combine with nice t-shirts when the weather is hot. On the other hand, colder or temperate regions may require you to use flat-front chinos pants or shorts. Here are the unacceptable styles: don't wear white pants as only low handicappers use them, by assumption. It's also a No-No for three-quarter length shorts.

Golf Cap

The most common type of caps you find on the golf course, even by professional golfers, is the baseball or fez cap. Headwear can become indispensable in sunny weather or even freezing weather. In other words, golf caps are also a crucial part of your dressing on the golf course. Other similar but related headgears include cowboy hats, bucket hats, wide-brim hats, and visors. At this point, don't forget that there is no room for backward caps. Also, you cannot use caps while in the clubhouse or at the bar. In any case, the Local Golfers offer some fantastic brands such as the Cleveland CG Unstructured Cap in beautiful colors such as Black, Grey, White, and Blue.


A nice pair of gloves is not a compulsory attire in your golf apparel but can get you protected from hand blisters or soreness. In other words, wearing gloves gives you an added level of comfort and safety in the course of your game. More so, many gloves have designs that enhance your grip on the golf club while protecting your hand from injuries caused by friction between the two surfaces. Another benefit of premium gloves is that they can serve somewhat like a second skin to your hand through softness and a good feel. As fit as your glove should be, don't use one that is too tight so as not to break the circulation of blood flow through your palms. 

Sun Sleeves

If you find your schedule to fall on a sunny day, you should consider buying a sun sleeve accessory. This material comes in pairs or singly to protect the arm's skin against the effect of direct sunlight. This sun sleeve's primary essence is applicable when putting on a short sleeve in hot weather. You can add this accessory to your wardrobe. It is also one-size-fits-all apparel and can either be in white or black from the Local Golfer.

Braided Belt

As you wear a nice pair of pants with belt loops, ensure you put on the actual belt. It may not be subjected to your personal preference this time, but that which is less formal and acceptable. Similarly, it may not be the standard belts this time, but some braided straps. You can buy these braided belts from Local Golfers with options such as the Footjoy braided belt in grey or white. Besides, you may choose a belt that matches tour shorts or, usually, the color of your shoes. Most of these braided belts are made of elastic materials and therefore do not adhere to strict sizes per se.

Socks for Golf

In choosing your pair of socks, white socks are practically standard on the golf course since you're putting on a couple of golf shoes. Just like the pair of stockings can make you feel like walking on the clouds, a terrible choice of socks can cause uneasiness through sweating and smelly feet. For instance, you may go for ankle socks that allow are also made from breathable cotton. In other words, you should avoid extra padding on your socks to avoid discomfort. Preferably, consider using running socks or specifically golf socks to have a perfect day.

Tips for Buying the Right Golf Apparel

As a golfer, you should learn some essential tips to help you buy the right kinds of golf apparel and build a good shopping experience and better decision. Below are some helpful tips that can add to your experience on the golf course.

Try on your apparel

Just before you purchase items from the store, try it on to be sure it fits precisely. In buying from an online store, please don't remove the tags and labels before you try it on when it arrives. The best way to be sure is to be sure. The problem of size, style, color cut, and other matters should have been settled by now, but if not, trying it on is the way to let the store meet your needs perfectly.

Explore all your options

When you still have a slight doubt about a particular item in-store, ask for other options. It may be a matter of color and fitness; all that matters is that you need to be completely satisfied and comfortable. Even if you may eventually pick the first item you chose, nothing stops you from exploring the other options in the store to be sure.

Read reviews

The best way to comprehend the store's reputation you're buying from is to read reviews about them. Previous buyers don't mind voicing their satisfaction or otherwise about the store they purchase from. If you are considering the same store, check out what other people say about that store or the particular item you want to buy. Mind you. Some brands are better for some things than others, which means you are not under any compulsion to buy all your items from the same brand.

Combine varieties

At times, your sports fashion apparel's beauty lies in the combination of different varieties of brands. Particularly, if golf is the main thing for you, then trying out brand combinations of the best is not a crime at all. So, it is superb if you stuff your sports wardrobe with a few pairs of socks, few different shirts, different brands of golf shoes, and pants. The truth is, you don't want to appear precisely the same way each time you come to the golf course. These fantastic tips can play a significant role in increasing your confidence on the court while, in the long run, can influence your game performance on a positive scale.

In summary, choosing and wearing the right kind of golf clothing includes being yourself and working on your confidence because that affects your game. Many of these apparel are also not costly to buy. Start from the Local Golfer to search for amazing offers that can ship freely and quickly anywhere across Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best golf clothing brands?

Have you ever wondered why golfers wear unique shirts specially made for the game? It's because golf has a magical way of instilling the spirit of the game into the players. Whether you are just starting your golf journey or an old-timer on the green does not matter. What you wear on the golf course has a significant impact on your overall performance.

When you see golfers carefully selecting what they will wear on the golf course, they are not just showing off. They are simply looking for something that can complement their game. Golf is a sport that deals a lot with body movement. Hence, as a golfer, what you wear on the course can either make or mar your game.

Far beyond ordinary flamboyancy, golf apparel also brings elegance and uniqueness to the game. Here is another simple truth; you people will not recognize you as a golfer if you don't dress like one. Now, don't think you can enter a nearby boutique and pick random golf apparel. If you care for the best result, you need to go for the best.

What are the best golf clothing brands?

While there are several golf clothing brands in the market already, I have compiled a list of the most trusted brands that produce top-rated golf apparel. This structure can guide your selection when you want to buy your next golf outfit.


Adidas is a rare clothing brand that makes suitable causal clothing and still produces excellent golf apparel. It's apparent that the brand deliberately makes their golf clothing to improve golf performance. Adidas golf apparels block out the wind. Not only that, they stretch naturally with players' body movement. Adidas started making golf apparel in 1997, and they have always stayed among the top-rated in the industry.


This golf clothing brand is one of the favorites. Why? I have always respected a clothing brand specializing in making golf apparel than those that switch in and out. Lululemon designs its golf clothing to suit the body in motion. It's a brilliant choice for any golfer who cares for high-level performance and comfort. Lululemon delivers maximum flexibility with every swing.


For one, Nike is one of the leading athletic brands globally. Also, there is a good reason Tiger Woods continued to represent the brand throughout his iconic golf career. For over five decades now, Nike has changed the way golfers play the game. Its unique designs enhance players' confidence. 

What are the best golf shirts?

So, you want to know the best golf shirts out of more than a thousand options we have out there? You are the only one. I have witnessed several arguments involving pro golfers trying to arrive at a universal point to picking the best shirts ideal for pro golfers.

Well, there might not be a specific answer to the above question. The reason is simple. The word 'best' can be relative as certain factors influence what shirt a player considers best. Generally, it is common for golfers to wear a polo shirt while standing on the course. But which golf shirt works best for a player largely depends on the Golfer's build, style, and personality. While some fashion-inclined players would love to match their golf shirts to their golf shoes, some want something that can enable them to play the game at their best.

Weather is another factor that decides what a player should wear on the course. You already know that the golf sport is an all-year-round activity; hence, you would want to get different golf shirts for spring and autumn.

Consequently, before choosing the best golf clothing for you, it is essential that you first consider the weather, gender, body structure, style, and personality. Meanwhile, the golf world's surging technology has helped golf clothing manufacturers make different golf apparel that perfectly fits diverse players in different seasons.

In the list below, you would find some of the best golf clothing that perfectly suits you. Whether you're a male or female golfer, this list has the correct answer for your golf clothing questions.


This golf shirt helps enhance player's performance on the course. One unique feature that makes this golf shirt stand out is that it can serve under different weather conditions. More so, it has incredible clothing technology, and it has a magical way of bridging the gap between hot and cold conditions.


This golf shirt makes players look and feel calm. Its manufacturers carefully arrange the four-way stretch unique fabric design into long sleeve construction, enabling players to have easy movement on the course. Aside from its high-level performance features, it looks good on players.


This golf shirt is best for players in the active cool weather. Though it looks somewhat heavy at first glance, it supports body temperature regulating the body under hot and cold weather. Also, the fabric of this golf shirt is odor resistant. You will be fine when your teammates come closer. 

What brand do golfers wear?

Suppose you have the chance to host the successful golf icon, Tiger Woods, in a one-on-one conversation. In that case, I guess one of your questions would be why he was so loyal to Nike throughout his entire career. There's a reason golfers don't joke with what they wear on the course – it complements their game!

While there are several golf clothing brands out there, there are a few of them that can enhance your golfing experience. Here's a compiled list of some top-notch brands that most professional golfers you adore put on before appearing on the golf course.


Bonobos is a unique brand that makes special golf apparel that offers accurate golfers' movement as they play the game. This brand enables players to maximize their skills on the course allowing optimum flexibility and comfort. Bonobos golf apparel would enable players to move around and bend as the game requires efficiently.


Puma switched into making golf clothing apparel in 2004. Since then, the brand has won many golfers' hearts having most of the top iconic golfers as loyal clients. Puma has a way of blending the past with the future to produce unique golf clothing that fits both young and old golfers. Puma as a brand combines agility with flexibility, styles, and comfort. It's hard to resist the innovative fabrics and sensational designs that match the body perfectly.


Beyond doubt, one thing that makes professional golfers sell their heart for this brand is that their golf clothing comes with the most modern designs and brings comfort. From classic shirts to flexible shoes, Under Armour's golf apparel makes golfers look their best. In terms of performance, it's excellent. Nobody has ever figured out the magic that makes golfers wearing this brand score more points. You can have the same experience if you get one.


This brand is like no other. It practically stands on its league. Golfers respect Ralph Lauren for providing top-notch styles and maximum performance quality. There's an incredible feeling that comes with its classic shirts, pullovers, and trousers. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, you will fall in love with the skillfully engineered apparel as you play your best game.


Adidas has already won the heart of many people as a leading sports clothing brand. This brand makes unique golf clothing that fits both amateur and pros on the green. Aside from the incredible designs that make golfers look their best on the course, wearing Adidas golf apparel can cause your score more points quickly and conveniently.

Where to buy golf apparel?

Golf is a sport with an absolute uniqueness. Like any other sport like football, basketball, athletics, and more, you cannot wear a random shirt and advance to the golf course. There are several specially made golf apparel specifically designed to play the game.

Golf shirts might initially look like typical casual clothes. But only a novice will be ignorant that those golf apparel have been tailored to help players get better swings and shots. Hence, if you are preparing to start your journey as a golfer, you must know those credible places to buy your golf apparel.

Before I start listing, I would like to reveal a secret to you. There is safety and credibility in the specialization. What do I mean? It is always better to buy your golf apparel from a store selling only golf items than a random store. Many random stores merely include golf items into their wide variety of products. This fact is also helpful for old-time golfers who desire the best from their apparel.

Knowing that secret, let's proceed to unveil the list of most trusted online stores where you can get cute golf apparel that can change your game.


Nike stands at the top of this list not as a brand but as a credible online golf store. Ever since the brand has switched to selling golf apparel, it has been standing among the leading golf item suppliers for many decades. Suppose you doubt Nike's golf apparel quality. In that case, you can ask Tiger Woods why he spends most of his iconic career wearing the brand apparel. Nike as a golf store offers top-quality golf clothing that worth the price and game.


This online golf clothing store sells cute golf apparel made with high-quality fabrics to give players an optimum golfing experience. TGW specializes in selling golf clothing. You can expect the best from the store. TGW offers a wide variety of golf apparel, including men, women, kids' golf clothes, and golf shirts. Others include shorts, pants, outwear, hats, raincoats and gears, skirts, and undergarments.  The store site is straightforward to use. You will complete your orders in few minutes.

The Golf Society

This online golf store sells high-quality golf clothing and apparel from diverse top-rated brands. Though the name might seem unfamiliar to newcomers, many professional golfers prefer to buy from this site because of nothing except specialization. Indeed, The Golf Society retailers understand the game's core requirement, which is why most players who participate in significant tournaments patronize the store now and then.