Presently in the golf world, all golfers need to get custom golf clubs fitted no matter the level of skills or experience on the course.

By now, every golfer should have understood the essence of getting fitted to golf clubs in their overall performance. Expensive? Don’t even think about it at all. What else could be a better investment if not an act that could maximize your skills and optimize performance? Nothing.

As a golfer, I know you would have read so many write-ups about custom club fitting. Thanks to the internet, there are thousands of articles online that talks about getting fitted to golf clubs. While some talk about the benefits, others may focus on the premium components they offer in a typical golf club fitting shop.

But, wait a minute. Have you ever read anything on what you should expect when going to meet your fitter? Maybe not. Based on findings, not many of the write-ups talks about this exciting topic.

So, you have finally booked your first custom club fitting. What are the things you should look out for when you immediately step into the club fitting center? You will get all your answers in this article as you patiently follow this detailed guide.

Firstly, getting fitted with golf clubs is an incredible experience. Especially if you are going for the first time, you will enjoy every bit of it. From the moment you meet the professional club fitter through the entire club fitting process. Though it may be somewhat stressful if you want to get fit for a full bag, yet, the profitable outcome worth the time and efforts invested.

So what are the five essential things you should expect at your first custom club fitting? Let’s start the counting.

1. A qualified professional club fitter 

Every certified club fitting center must hire a team of certified club fitting experts who have adequate training and experience. Honestly, a studio club-fitter should have a vast knowledge of the right equipment to provide every golfer’s needs accurately. If not, the club fitting studio is not a thing short of a playground.

Find out if the fitters in the studio have the proper certifications to ensure they are capable of delivering the best result. One thing you should always consider is that club fitting can be expensive. So, if you are paying that considerable amount of money, you should get value for it. 

A good club fitting studio will begin fittings by measuring your current golf clubs. They will also observe your swing in detail to get an accurate picture of the problem and provide a lasting game-changing solution. 

After that, your fitter would guide you through the whole fitting process asking you direct questions that requires honest answers. They will use expert insight to pair you with the best golf club that will allow you to unlock a higher level of performance.

2. The Studio Settings 

This point might seem somewhat less critical, but it is essential. Most times, golfers always focus on the knowledge and experience of the club fitter, taking for granted the structure of the studio. 

One thing is sure, how conducive your club-fitting environment impacts how well you will feel relaxed. Often, most golfers go into a club fitting studio feeling tensed and sore. That’s why most golfers come back without getting fit.

When you are going for an inspection, check the settings of the fitting studio. A club fitting studio with the most modern equipment set in a premiere setting will make the whole club fitting process more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Hence, check out for a studio with a serene, clean space, very appealing, understated, and free from clutter. With that, you and your fitter will be able to focus on the job at hand with minimal distractions.

3. State-of-the-art Technology 

Getting fitted to golf clubs requires modern technology. Your fitter cannot accurately measure the absence of equipment made with the most modern technology. 

A correct club fitting studio should have various measuring tools. The tools include launch monitors, which help the fitter get definitive, quantifiable data for all the shots you have struck in a session. 

It’s then the responsibility of the master fitter to interpret the data with you to set objectives for every session. The club fitter will also help you identify some of the areas where you need possible improvements.

To be on the safer side, I advise golfers to check for equipment in the club fitting studio before they agree to patronize.

4. Free tests of various brands 

An ideal studio that wants to fit you for golf clubs should have thousands of clubhead and shaft combinations from world-class brands. With that in place, you will have the opportunity to test different models you never discovered. Don’t forget that the main reason for getting fit for golf clubs is to find the perfect golf clubs for you. Hence, feel free to try as many options as possible. 

Make sure you do all you can to get the best match. Leave no stone unturned. Work patiently with your fitter to determine which golf club would be perfect for you. Your fitter will check the grip, shaft, club head, specification set up to optimize your performance regardless of your athletic ability.

5. Detailed report 

As always expected, there would be a report at the end of the whole club fitting exercise. The fitters will provide detailed information that contains your club fitting data. He will also offer an expert quote that recommends which golf club would rightly fit you after the entire assessment. At this juncture, you need to open your mind and follow the instructions of your fitter to purchase the recommended golf club. 

In some cases, golfers who like to play with a particular brand find it challenging to switch the newly recommended one. If you do that, it will prevent you from getting the best out of the entire custom fit process. 


Getting fitted for golf clubs is the best way to determine whether you are playing with the right golf club or not. Find the nearest professional club fitting studio and book a fitting schedule. Of course, that would be after you might have inspected the studio to check if they can provide the above functions. 

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge