While golf as a game requires some level of influence, everybody still knows that the golf equipment from a golf shop is not cheap. But not only are the equipment, tools, and facilities not cheap, the game itself takes some reasonable time, effort, and investment for it to be a success. That is even on the player or prospective player’s part. What about starting a golf pro shop business in your town or city? We will be looking at the pro golf shop business in Australia as a case study.

On the other hand, the game is meant for gentlemen, who must also respect the unwritten laws of the game. Consequently, all the items that constitute the game must be put in place before you launch your career. You should also understand the game’s pros and cons, but what if you have never even come across some facts before. That is why this article brings to you some interesting facts you may never have come across, both in the game and in a pro golf shop.

Hidden Facts about a Pro Golf Shop

1. Not all golf clubs are equal

A new golfer cannot afford to simply pick any golf club from the pro golf store. Or else, he may be doing more harm for his game than good. In the same vein, when just starting off, your choice of golf clubs should be by recommendation from a professional golf tutor. You could easily assume that everything, including your golf apparel, caps, t-shirts, golf bags, golf trolleys, hand gloves, and the rest is easy to pick. But don’t be overzealous to ignore the help that you need.

Apart from the general choice of whether to start your career with a brand new golf club or an old one, you also need to identify which club you should begin with. Otherwise, each type of golf club cab’s nature, shape, and size are very overwhelming.  For instance, you may not have anyone to tell you that the metallic substance of a golf club is essential. But so also is the length and the width of the clubhead. How do you even pick the suitable club model to fit your style?

2. Cheaper is not always better

Golf playing is expensive, indeed, but the alternative to getting a quality set of materials is not always buying the cheaper ones. Many times, the more affordable products are also cheap in quality, and it may turn out to be a terrible choice in the long run. Ideally, a pro golf shop gives you options for different golf equipment on display. It is not an excuse for not asking for precisely what you need. If the store can provide affordable items to you, they would, if not, ask.

The price of items is not just about the cost of acquiring equipment but also includes subscription plans to golf shops and clubs. Therefore, it is pretty essential to consider the general cost of starting and sustaining a promising career. You need both the most popular and the less popular items for the best-golfing experience. Both amateur and professional golfers know the essence of getting suitable materials, depending on the frequency of play and the game’s intensity.

3. Everybody needs to practice

No matter the level of your expertise in the game of golf, you still need to practice and practice again. Part of your practice session must also have personal fitness training that ensures you prevent any strain in your body. More so, body fitness is directly proportional to the effectiveness of your game and the accuracy of your shots. At the same time, the practice encourages you to get familiar with the turf and try out different strokes with your golf clubs. 

In practical terms, highly professional golfers even spend extra hours practicing because they understand the power of staying fit. At the same time, if you are a newbie, you will usually find one or two people willing to take you on a few lessons here and there. On the other hand, even pro golf shops may arrange for some professional golfers ready to take you on a few courses and get you to practice your game.

4. It doesn’t take time to star in golf

As against what you may think when you see golf stars, it doesn’t take too long to excel as a golfer. However, it doesn’t take away the need for intense work in practice, investment and diligence. As you do, you position yourself well for the best time on the golf course. And when competitions arrive, you show what you’ve got, which can earn you a big win in no time. For instance, Tiger Woods is a household name already in golf. But can you believe that he made his first race at the tender age of eighteen?

Who says if you start early now and intensify your diligence, you can’t make a good ace? Besides, you can stand on the shoulders of professional golfers from pro golf shops to learn the best skills. As you learn the skills, you put them to a lot of practice when you hit the green. Moreover, when you know from other people who have had a successful career, you’re definitely not starting from ground zero. And that means you have a better chance to thrive than others.

5. Golf is not meant for Men alone

At a point, there was this false quote that G.O.L.F stands for ‘Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. That cannot be farther from the truth. Gold is a game for both men and women who have a passion for it. Gone are the days when men think women are not cut in for some physical activities and sports. You may be shocked at some feats that women have achieved in sports. Therefore, there is practically no reason why anyone should think that what a man can do with golf is beyond the reach of women. 

However, golf is still growing among ladies, but it is still worth mentioning that women can also make a hit. They can also make good swings on the ball and hit an ace. Nancy Berkley even reported that 22.8% of the total number of golfers worldwide are women. Therefore, it is evident that more women and girls are learning to play the game by the day, especially as we are into a new season of the game.


On a final note, if a young boy of 5, Coby Orr, could shoot a hole-in-one in Colorado, there is no limit to what you can achieve as a professional golfer. There are many fascinating facts about golf and a golf shop, but we chose these 5 because they are very informative. In addition, they are also educational. If you love this golf article, feel free to share it with others. Cheers!

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge