Golf is one of the many sports that demands perfection in all areas involved. Your technique, gear, equipment, and even posture need to be just right for you to achieve excellence. However, one big piece that stands out amongst many others is the golf ball. In essence, a well-constructed golf ball should be able to travel over significant distances while maintaining its trajectory, land softly, and roll smoothly over lush greens. The golf ball’s build is rather simple, starting with a soft rubber core and finishing with a hard, dimpled outer coating. 

Depending on the diehard golfer you encounter, the best golf balls the world has to offer are those that can cut diverse numbers of strokes off a golf score. In that sense, these golf balls receive diverse specifications, with some being able to cover great distances. In contrast, others are developed with the intent of generating more spin or landing with greater accuracy. While these factors will influence your choice of a golf ball, you need to consider that a single golf ball cannot house all these functionalities. While most golf balls all share a couple of similarities between them, golf ball manufacturers do target their different products to specific types of players.

In this article, we will be taking a broader approach to discuss the issue of golf balls. Here, we will be looking at the best golf ball brands in the world and which brand is best for you.


Some people do not know that the company Nike does not subject itself solely to the fashion industry. Nike does make good quality golf balls. They have engineered their golf balls with cores of low compression, ensuring a decrease in their balls’ spin rate and sidespin. That means their balls can travel smoother and farther while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Some of Nike’s featured golf balls include the Mojo series, the PD series, the PD soft series, the Long series, and a few more. These balls give golfers of different skill levels the control they desire, which ultimately boosts confidence as they strive for greatness. All you need to do is grab a pack and start swinging.


This brand is certainly at the pinnacle of golf ball designs. They develop their balls using intuitive technology, offering players of different calibers a chance to improve their game. Furthermore, Bridgestone lays claim to a wide array of golf balls designed for players of all calibers. Some PGA Tour pro players make Bridgestone golf balls a must-have as it leads to great performance and distance. 

The range of products they offer in their inventory includes the E6 series, the E12 series, the Tour B330 series, the latest Tour B series, and other outstanding products. All you need to do is visit any store with quality graded Bridgestone golf balls and get yourself a pack that matches your playing style.


The one thing that is certain about Callaway is that you can never go wrong with their golf ball selection. Callaway golf balls offer golfers of diverse skill levels a chance to play the sport at the highest level. Their golf ball’s design revolves primarily around ball control, with emphasis on a high-energy core. These golf balls possess excellent aerodynamic properties and are ideal for short games, as well as straight, long-distance shots.

Callaway offers golfers a range of golf balls to choose from. Their ERC soft offers maximum speed and general performance from tee-to-green. The Supersoft, which possesses a much lower compression, makes for accurate, straight, long-distance shots. While the all-new Chrome soft accounts for maximum dual compression, reduced spin, better feel across the green, and faster ball speed, all due to its larger inner core.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with having Callaway as your first choice brand. Their knack for combining speed, low compression, and general ball performance makes them one of the world’s leading golf brands.


Titleist is one brand whose name and products are ever-present in any golfing event. Titleist offers golfers of different caliber a competitive edge as they produce some of the best golf balls the world has to offer. This brand is closely associated with the term excellence as their entire collection produces unparalleled performances that leave every enthusiast in awe. Their vast collections include the Titleist AVX, DT Trusoft, Tour Soft, Velocity, and the infamous Titleist Pro V1 and V1X. 

These balls offer low compression, greater feel, control, velocity, and reduced speed, which means that you get the best outcome out of every strike.


This brand specializes in the production of high-performance multi-layer balls. With over 40 years of existence, they continue to improve on their existing selection and bring a wide array of products that will satisfy every player’s needs. Under their belt, Volvik holds claim to the Volvik Tour S3 and S4, as well as the Vivid series, which happens to be the world’s first golf ball with a matte finish. 

Each of these balls has a new urethane layer covering them, providing a soft feel. Volvik sticks to producing high-performance balls with their design centered on speed, control, accuracy, and ball flight. This brand is a fan favorite, and you will certainly see many professional golfers using their golf balls frequently.

Where to Buy Golf Balls

Buying golf balls is as easy as it can ever be. All it takes are a couple of steps, and you have yourself a pack of golf balls delivered to your doorstep. One of the most popular ways of acquiring golf balls is to buy them online. Visiting these different brands’ official websites allows you to snag yourself great deals from time to time. Conversely, you can also visit several online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, and others to get yourself a pack.

If you are adamant about buying golf balls online, your local sports shop or authorized retail outlet should suffice. You will surely come across great deals that you cannot help but accept.

Aside from the new golf balls available for purchase, some stores also sell used golf balls. These balls come in different grades, and you will definitely find one that matches your budget.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you inspected every golf ball you buy, to ensure that they are of premium quality. Each ball you acquire should best reflect the grade which they fall under. Anything short of that is unacceptable, and you should make a complete return to the store.

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge