The occurrence of a total lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic Last year is a matter worth discussing. Such a significant crisis came when the world was highly prepared. In fact, we didn’t realize how much we were engrossed in some outdoor activities until there was no outdoor activity to go out to. We didn’t know how little time we have to spend at home until everyone was practically forced to sit back at home without being able to visit a golf shop.

The global public health crisis did not only affect personal lives, it didn’t spare our recreational life, professional life, and economic turn. In fact, it touched every industry in one way or the other, directly or indirectly. And in such cases, it disrupted many plans and injected many uncertainties in the flow of business. More so, many sectors had to modify the modus operandi of their business. The changes also penetrated the game of golf. 

This article reports on a recent survey of over 2500 professional golfers. Also, these were caught in the web of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, these people have to modify some of their old habits and create new ones that fit into the new standing order. On a positive note, the game has resumed again. But we will like to learn what the new spending habits of these golfers are? Then, how has the lockdown during the pandemic affected some of these habits?

Are there decisions they like to reflect on about their spending habits or pro golf shopping experience? How have things changed for them in their budget, and they hope to still fill their financial dreams despite the coronavirus pandemic. Let us explore some of their exciting answers below and take cues from them to guide our own careers.

Change in Golfer’s Habits due to COVID-19

Some of the regular spenders in pro golf shops admitted to spending far less at that time, especially if the clubs had been overcharging before the time. In addition, green fees have been raised to a high point, and many golfers struggle to pay. In some cases, the green expense increased by not less than 50% on some golf courses. 

Regarding the tendency to buy golfing equipment from a golf shop, golfers say that they will like to delay their purchase of a new set of irons. In addition, some of them may change their golf club memberships altogether, primarily if the price shoots up this year. On the other hand, a group of golfers believes it is a rare privilege to rest from the hustling and bustling of going out on golf courses. They see the benefits of not having to spend a dime on pro golf membership through the period.

Moreover, some golf shops suspend green fees as long as no one was going there to play golf. The saved money from playing golf could be invested in acquiring new golf tools and equipment for the next season. Furthermore, a group of golf players values time more than money. Particularly seeing that they have actually had more time to explore the items in the market and spend more judiciously. Staying at home gave them more time to browse the available items and pick the best choice in quality and affordability. 

Summarily, below are some of the basic reports of the survey that refer to the pandemic period.

  • 43% of the golfers bought new apparel such as clothing, bags, cap, and other related items
  • 26% bought golf products, DMD, trolley, and bags
  • 56% of the respondents bought golf accessories such as gloves, tees, and other things during the pandemic
  • 25% of the respondents bought new golf clubs during the pandemic
  • 49% of them bought a new set of golf balls from their respective golf shop
  • 25% of the respondents purchased a new set of golf shoes

How COVID-19 affected Golf Club Membership

As expected, many golfers need not renew their club membership last year, depending on the kind of industry they work in. More so, the pro golf shops that created alternatives for these categories of players could retain many of their customers. For instance, the ‘pay-as-you-play plan became a good option where golfers can now gradually thrive in getting good value for their money. 

On the other hand, those who have a full subscription running on an auto-payment could not stop the golf club. The pro shop that offered such services still deducted the membership fees and the club fund and a yearly increase for those who choose this method to pay. For instance, the golfer becomes dissatisfied with charging over the services that were not rendered. At the same time, the benefits are not cheap. 

How COVID-19 affected Golf Breaks, Society Days, and Travel

One respondent who stood out says that two significant golf breaks and five whole golf breaks were canceled due to coronavirus. Even the two golf days that were played had no usual pre-match bacon buttie, not the post-match dinner that players often expect. Others think the only reason they could spend less on green fees is the cancellation of other golf events. For instance, some golfers are restricted from traveling to different places where they usually play golf and hang out with friends within the club. 

The inability to travel over certain distances is one reason why the golfer ultimately spends less on playing golf. Mainly if there are other activities like hanging out with friends over a meal or at a bar. More so, the conditions tested the willingness of golfers to travel out of their immediate country to play golf. While 20% of the total sampled golfers would not mind traveling for 2 hours to play golf, 48% of all golfers can travel for an hour or less just to play golf. 


The survey data and its various findings, which have become very interesting for us going forward. Some of the golfers have displayed some levels of resilience during difficult times, while others found a passion in an indoor activity. But thankfully, things are getting back to normal in many countries of the world. In addition, a pro golf shop can begin to open again and empower both existing golfers and amateur ones.

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge