There are many moments on the golf course that are so addictive they just keep you coming back. Whether it’s a long straight drive, a long holed putt or a wedge shot that spins back 15ft closer to the hole, you want to know what it takes to produce that time and time again. At The Local Golfer, we want to help you understand how. 

In this blog, we’ll be looking at how to spin the golf ball. We believe that even though it is fun, producing spin on the golf ball is the single most important factor in producing quality wedge shots from any distance. Check out our 3 most important factors to get the revs up and the ball ripping back.

    1. Equipment: The single most important aspect in generating spin on your golf ball is good quality and good conditioned equipment. This factor might seem extremely simple but it is a crucial factor. In order to take advantage of this, you need to be using top of the line wedges and golf balls as they have the sharpest grooves and the softest covers on their golf balls. Secondly this equipment should be in good working condition as spin rates will decrease with prolonged use of wedges and balls. Touring pros are changing their wedges as often as every 6 weeks, that’s 8 sets of replacement wedges a year!  We believe that for the average golfer, a new wedge should be put in play around every 12 months. The good news in all of this is that any golfer of any skill level can purchase the ability to spin the golf ball. Make sure you check out our range of high spinning wedges and golf balls.

    1. Strike and Lie: The next piece of the spin puzzle is a good strike and a clean lie. This part of the equation is where skill plays a part. In order to hit high spinning wedge shots, you must strike the ball near perfectly. By this we mean right out of the middle of the golf club face and neither thin or fat. And also the lie must be clean and dry. This means that there must be no debris (moisture, grass, dirt etc) in between the golf ball and club face. So make sure you’re hitting off the fairway and that your ball and club face are both clean and dry for every single wedge shot.

  1. Skill and Technique: this last area is interesting as the teaching of it has dramatically changed from the old school method of golf instruction. Traditionally it has been believed that to get spin on your golf ball you must open you club face and use a steep angle of attack which produces a high ball flight. Much research has gone into this and this belief system has changed. It is now believed that a lower ball flight produces a higher rate of spin. In order to produce this, it is still recommended to use a high lofted golf club, but to play with a lot of shaft lean and a very shallow angle of attack. This method produces the most friction between the golf ball and golf club face producing the most spin. Have a look at how the tour pros lean their hands towards the target at impact and use rotation in their bodies to keep the attack angle as shallow as possible. Keep your technique simple focusing on these two areas and not only will you spin rates go up, but you will be hitting much higher quality wedge shots.
July 14, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge