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Origins of Australia's PGA Greats

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From The Pymble Crusher to Mr Modesty, Kelvin Nagle was a distinguished gentleman to all, even the golf ball, carrying his Australian heritage on his sleeve. A late bloomer in the pro golf scene, his passion for the game is eternal, but his responsibilities for family and country came first. Aussie Legend doesn't scratch the surface of our latest great addition.


Hole No.5 - Kel Nagle

Fun Fact: The king of consistency, Nagle won at least one tournament each year from 1949 - 1975 (26 years of greatness)


A Turramurra local, Kelvin Nagle AM (1920), grew up in North Sydney until the great depression hit. Then, moving to a dairy farm in Dorrigo, Nagle tasted country living, appreciating the quiet life before returning to Turramurra at the end of the depression.

After returning home, Nagle was destined for carpentry but chose to be a caddie and greenskeeper at his local club - the Pymble Golf Club. Unfortunately, after years of practice from sunrise to sunset, Nagle's golfing prowess was cut short after enlisting in WWII. 

Years of dedicated service and a young family found Nagle back at the Pymble Golf Club, working to make a living whilst rekindling his love for golf. Practice blended with passion, and in 1946 at 25 years old, Nagle turned pro. 

Nagle found a rhythm on the pro circuit, playing in specific tournaments, becoming renowned for his powerful swing, coining him The Pymble Crusher. However, as the purse was not what it is today, Nagle had to select which tournaments he played, dividing his time between competitions and being the club pro in Pymble. 

It wasn't until he reached his career peak that Nagle refined his game further, trading the big swinging Pymble Crusher for the expert short game that led into the era of Mr Modesty. From 1960 to 1966, Nagle was a dominant force and giant killer, taking big wins from big names. After his victory at The Open in 1960, Nagle continued to finish in top spots, renowned for his game and amicable demeanour. 

Our Aussie Legend won a tournament every year from 1949 to 1975 and is considered one of the PGA greats. Nagle was given an Order of Australia Medal in his honour and was admitted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, solidifying his Aussie Legend status. 

Alongside such tremendous feats, Nagle raised a family with his wife, Jean, and four children; Robert, Bruce, Lynette, and Colin. In addition, Nagle has both a son and grandson that followed in his golfing footsteps. When he wasn't golfing, he was an avid fan of the Sydney Roosters and had a second love in his life; harness racing. He raised and raced many horses, using them to retreat from the competitive golf scene.

Passing away in 2015, we celebrate the life of our Aussie Legend, his spirit, passion and skill. His love for the game and attitude toward each hole have inspired future generations to take up the sticks. From mighty swings to gentle putts, Kel Nagle was a gentleman of the sport to all, and for this and more, we thank you, Aussie Legend.

June 13, 2022 — Ben Breckenridge