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Golf balls: All you need to know for better game performance

There is countless misinformation about golf balls, but that needs a thorough test before establishing the facts. However, these myths' existence does not undermine the importance of golf balls in the game. Simply put, there is no game of golf without golf balls, but the performance of these balls may differ, which is why it is not right to generalize all golf balls. An average golfer knows that a golf ball is not just a golf ball, especially when buying their golf accessories online.

They continuously create better-performing balls into every new golf ball model on the leading ball brands. Simply put, the final choice of golf balls depends on specific principal characteristics, on top of which are a substantial feel, speed, distance, and control for the targeted destination. Moreover, the multiple layers of work that each ball carries have to work smoothly and in harmony to produce the ball's desired flight properties.

Factors to consider when buying Golf Balls

Below are some of the highly critical factors you need to consider when purchasing golf balls from online stores.

1. All Golf Balls are not the same

Please don't believe the myth that all golf balls are the same or cover the same distance because it is not valid. Experienced golfers have discovered that the different technologies that produce each ball give it an advantage over other existing balls in the market. Each ball's varying properties may include launch characteristics, greenside spin, feel, and fitting. Others may consist of cover surface, internal core, distance, and other ball performance qualities.

While testing different balls, there are three categories of the ball according to their average driver distance. The first category covers an average length of 115 MPH between the shortest and the longest ball. More so, this happens over a test distance of 17.43 yards. The average driving distance is about 85 MPH between its shortest and longest ball over a 7.6 yards distance in the second test. The final class is most suitable for wedge spin, having an average spin rate of 1425 RPM between the lowest and highest spin. Its difficulty is also crucial for the overall ball performance.

2. Ball Feel: Is it soft or firm?

All golfers need to start practicing with the same golf balls they are likely to play in competitions. The reason is simple: if you play premium balls, it improves your game by helping you get used to them. Moreover, the best premium golf balls in Australia usually have some cheaper alternative versions with less spin. Some players may prefer this type of golf ball for a firmer feel and control throughout the game. On the other hand, you may try out all ball alternatives over various distances to see which ball works best for each condition.

Furthermore, every golfer should also know that a softball is usually a slow golf ball. When you play softball and swing above 85 MPH, the ball may cost you some distance off the tee and green spin. By implication, these balls are not bad for swings below the speed of 85 MPH. A softball is also regarded as a low compression ball. In this category, we may have popular balls like the Bridgestone Tour B RXS, Callaway Chrome Soft Wilson DUP, and the Titleist AVX. On the other hand, firmer balls are generally faster while giving golfer increased green spin.

3. Ball Cover Material

Majorly, the golf balls made of urethane membrane with a firm and coarse surface give more control and feel. However, these types of golf balls cost more to buy, especially when you decide to go for a new one. Besides, you may also have to try out these balls to tell the difference, which is a way to justify the spent amount in the purchase. At the same time, you may consider other cheaper alternatives, especially if you can't afford the premium golf balls.

The fitting of the ball is influenced by the technology of the cover, including the dimple count. Therefore, a golfer should consider this fitting that can enhance better shots with lower scores. Since the golf ball is the number one golfing equipment every golfer should buy, then the journey of a better game performance begins with your choice of balls. If you get it right in selecting golf balls, it may be the most critical decision about the contents of your golf bag. Don't also hesitate to try out some recommended golf balls for an amateur golfer to make that choice.

4. Length of the Game

Another factor that is important in determining golf ball choice is the convenience of either long or short games. Similarly, you must identify which of the model brands are most suitable for the desired game level. Simultaneously, a professional golfer understands the game's expected trend and can organize the balls accordingly. In any case, acquiring a pack of golf balls removes all the inconvenience that getting new golf balls may cause you.

Are you in the store to buy a golf ball? Here is a simple test: take one ball and play it first. For one, you can get an idea of the compatibility of your golf ball with different golf clubs at your disposal. This exclusive choice already brings all your knowledge about golf balls to the fore. Do you have an idea of the spin rate of the ball? How about its feel and compression level? Are the balls hard enough for your level of the game? While choosing the ball, ensure you try different rounds with different kinds of shots.

Top Brands of Golf Balls to use in 2021

1. Titleist Golf Balls

Some of the Titleist Golf Balls' peculiar features include its length of life and the tour life's validation than most premium golf balls. It also has a reformulated core and new 388 counts of the dimple to consistently enhance new distance coverage levels. However, it might be a little challenging to track down the bargain prices that are pocket-friendly. Some of the Titleist brand products' outstanding items include Pro V1, Pro V1x, and the AVX.

The new designs also encourage more greenside spin, a more consistent flight through the integrated multiple layers, and a soft feel. The lightweight also ensures a relatively higher flight. Simultaneously, the increase in the dimple number is another helpful factor influencing its height. The latest Titleist Golf balls also have a cast urethane elastomer covering for easier control and spin. The surface is even softer, which supports a penetrating trajectory apart from its varying white and optic yellow colors.

2. Srixon Golf Balls

Golf balls' Srixon brand includes the 2021 Z-Star and the 2021 Z-Star XV models with increasing suitability for golf's modern game. This golf balls brand has a slightly thicker cover than others for a better spin, feel, and even control. Its exterior also includes FastLayer core technology to enhance its speed further and the distance it can cover. Another related property to the FastLayer core is its specific design for fast-speed golf players.

The Z-Star cover is about 0.6 mm, which is slightly thicker for a better feel, improved spin, and control while moving on the course. It also has the macromolecule Slide-Ring (SeRM) cover material that influences the efficient shape for post-impact movement. More so, this property absorbs vibrations as a result of its impacts to avoid any resulting damage. Srixon also designed the new covers with a soft center and firmer surrounding to cover longer distances at a reasonable speed.

3. Callaway Golf Ball

When you pick a pack of Callaway golf balls, you have a premium golf ball class at an affordable price. It also has a softer cover that enhances its control over a short game. Besides, these features also make the balls more durable with firmer outer surfaces. Specifically, the latest Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball also features the second SoftFast core part for ideal launch with low spin. The combinations of this newest technology for these balls enhance longer drives.

On the other hand, the thinner but former outer core promotes the wedge spin and the ball's durability. There is also a urethane cover in the ball's recent models that can increase the ball's speed, especially when taking full shots. By the way, the golf balls can give you a great feel on the court and maximum control towards more remarkable performance. A classic choice of this brand includes the Callaway Chrome Soft and Soft X models.

4. TaylorMade Golf Ball

TaylorMade Golf Balls are exceptional in their way due to their new softer outer cover that increases the chance for a wedge spin and a lower launch. The new technology through a Speed-Layer System also enhances ball speed through an improved energy conversion. Meanwhile, a faster swing speed ensures players get the best out of the TP5x Golf Ball model. It also possesses a new tour dimple pattern that improves the aerodynamics in flight.

The dimples pattern comes with new technology such as a dual-radius shape that optimizes the ball's airflow. In that way, the new pro golf ball and resist more drag and cover more distance than usual. A pack of the TaylorMade 2021 TP5x contains five balls with high flex materials that make up the speed-layer system. This new technology system also adds to the energy conversion of the ball and increased effective speed.

5. Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls are composed of a V-COR core technology feature that creates maximum velocity for the ball as soon as it gets off the clubface. Also, when hitting a wedge shot, the balls ensures an R-version's unpainted finish, with which it grabs the surface. However, these balls may not have such a high flight that we see in others like the Titleist Balls. The swing type may not also respond in these balls like the premium balls. But the Wilson Staff Model comes with an all-new tour pack of four balls in white and a raw unpainted color finish.

The V-COR feature optimizes the energy that the ball can produce to cover more distance. Also, it has a urethane cover with a seamless 362-dimple configuration towards better airflow around the ball and lower flight trajectory. The balls have four layers that combine easy-shot shaping and workability through a more stable and reliable ball flight. This part has excellent greenside control as well as a soft grab on the surface.

6. Bridgestone Tour B XS – TW Edition Golf Ball

You can also buy the Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls online with a longer and straighter path using its reduced driver sidespin. The outer urethane cover is of REACTIV technology and supports an extra wedge spin and control. Golfers can maximum their game performance through a swing speed of over 105 mph with this golf ball. Amazingly, the famous golf champions Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau use various modes of the Bridgestone's Tour B X range of balls.

This property is essentially possible through a wedge shot spin and control. Meanwhile, it retains more resilience on high-impact driver shots with fiercer power, covering more distance. However, the new technology cover's reaction may vary, depending on the force of impact on the ball. These golf balls that you can buy from the Local Golfer have a gradational compression core that boosts distance and forgiveness for the ball.

In conclusion, a very vital point when you decide to buy golf balls online is to buy in bulk to save money. Many directly delivered golf balls offer great discounts on bulk purchases of golf balls, including the premium ones. So, why not take this special offer and prepare ahead for the gaming season, especially for your dream brands of golf balls. Remember also that your final choice of the golf ball is not the one that is fit for just one or a few shots, but it must perform excellently over the entire course.