When you are playing with new golf clubs, your confidence soars to a hundred percent. Have you ever discovered that fact? Well, you should, if you are an old-timer on the course. 

And that’s not all; you make better hits, faster swings, and wow your spectators with incredible shots. Without a doubt, the quality of your golf club influences the level of your performance on the golf course. Like every golfer’s wish, the game becomes more fun and enjoyable. 

But nothing good lasts forever.

Everything feels good when your golf club is still pretty much new and in good shape. However, when it becomes old, it’s a different ball game entirely.  Indeed, it brings a directly opposite result to your game. I don’t care how good you are on the course; when your golf club becomes old, your game drops. And when that happens, you know that the next thing is to get a new club.

Still, there’s a twist to it.

Many old-timer golfers claim that they enjoy playing with their old golf clubs. The general claim is that their bodies are already fitted for the old golf club, which might have created a familiarity between the player and the club itself. 

While it’s a good idea to play with an old golf club fitted to your game, it is also moral to keep in mind that using an old club does not always work. Now, this is where the contention lies.  

Note that old does not mean familiar, and new does not mean strange. How do I tell? Old golf clubs might have become a fingerprint because you have used them for an extended period, but the constant wear and tear can limit your skills and mar your game.  On the other hand, you might need to change your golf club to something that fits your game better to solve some performance issues. 

So, how do you it’s time to get a new golf club for your game? It’s simple. All you need to do is to watch out for the below warning signs.

1. Too Much Spin on the Ball

When you notice your golf club puts too much spin on the ball, know that you need to get a new one. Too much spin on a golf ball can have adverse effects on your shot. In addition, too much spin will make your golf ball lose distance and control in the air. And, when that happens, what do you get? A weak shot!

So, to prevent having problems with distance and control, get a modern golf club. No matter where the problem is, whether it’s the irons or drivers, what you need at this instance is a new golf club. 

Most of the latest golf clubs in today’s market are designed to improve height but reduce spin. They can be very helpful in solving distance and control issues.

2. Low Height 

Nothing seems more frustrating than hitting a golf ball with your strength, and it barely gets off the ground. Indeed, except you are an old-timer with vast experience on the course, you might get discouraged – all your morale off to the mud. 

Are you finding it more challenging to get a towering moon shot? Or discover that your irons are hitting the greens consistently? Those are the signs that you need to get a new golf club. 

As the year passes, new technology hits the golf market. And as you have already known about the high market competition, you can be sure you will get a better golf club that will help you hit the ball higher. 

Let’s face it. You don’t have to hit the ball too hard before it flies off the sky. Professionally speaking, it is best if you hit the golf ball softly and let the club do the wonder. So, if you like to hits softly and you are playing with an old golf club, you will likely not have better results until you get a new golf club.  

3. Not Meeting up With Other Players 

If you have played foursome or any group match before, you will understand this better. For instance, let’s say you are playing with other players, and you discover they have passed you by in the long distance. Can you imagine how bad that feels? I know the answer in your mind. 

From experience, golfers get frustrated when they see other players passing them by on the golf course. Now, if you are experiencing something like that while playing, it could only be due to one reason – your golf club is old!

Manufacturers increase the speed of the new golf clubs they make with at least 1 – 2 yards year by year. Now, let’s consider this question: can you compare a golf club created in 2004 to the one made in 2021? Absolutely no. So, when you see that other players are getting farther distance than you do on the golf course, it could be that they are playing with a new model of golf clubs while you are holding an old version. 

Hence, what’s best for you at this instance is to opt for the latest golf club to meet up or beat your competitors’ distance on the course. 

4. Poor Divot Pattern

Generally speaking, irons divot should be working excellently to enable players to get the best of their golf clubs. You will agree with me that only thin pieces of grass should move along with your golf club when you shoot. That’s the standard. 

So, when it looks like you are digging to the earth’s core while you aim to hit the golf ball with a club, you need another golf club – the latest model, for that matter.

5. Poor Club Head

If you discover that your grip is becoming less firm, you might consider that a huge concern. Why? You can get re-grip your golf club. More so, if your golf club has cosmetics issues, that should not bother you much either – you can go ahead and fix that. However, if your clubhead becomes faulty, you have a reason to upgrade. That’s is because it can affect your overall performance. Hence, when you see that the wear and tear on your golf club are getting beyond repair, it’s a good warning sign that you need a new golf club to step up your game. 


What is a golf game without a golf club? Your golf club has a significant impact on your overall performance on the golf course. It determines the distance, control, and convenience you get, after all. 

Funny enough, most golfers do not know the exact time to change the old golf club for the new. And that’s what you have learned in this article. 

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge