When you walk into a pro golf shop, you basically find many products and services up for grabs. But then, apart from the essential golf items that you can purchase, a registered pro shop user can also enjoy crucial benefits. This article will expand on the most fascinating services that a golfer can get from a Pro Golf shop. 

Moreover, golf being an individual sport, each golfer may have special needs for the game. And generally, professional golfers believe that they started to tailor their own taste to suit the available services. These services may also come in various packages and specialties, depending on the level of professionalism of the golfer.

Top 6 Services You can get from a Pro Golf Shop

1. Golf Club Repairs

One of the topmost services that golfers can get from a pro golf shop is fixing their clubs. As a matter of fact, the top golf shops add special services under this category as golfers may need them. In some services, we help golfers check the condition of their golf clubs. For instance, a pro golf shop can help you adjust your golf shop’s loft and lie angles. 

In addition, this particular service can also enhance your other clubs, such as wedges and your sets of irons. Ideally, in the past decade, a pitching wedge should have a loft angle of 48 degrees. Other adjustments may include helping to reshape, re-glue, extend clubs, re-grip, re-shaft, reduce loft, club extension, and cut down clubs.

2. Golf Hire

Another fantastic feature is hiring top-quality golf clubs that can help you achieve great shots. And depending on whether you need two electric ride-on buggies or an electric or pull trolleys. You may want to try out some of the vintage products on display that have been previously used by pro golfers. 

In addition, a pro shop can assist you with branding with important golf fashion from an array of choices. They can also get unique styles and uncommon brands in the market for special occasions or competitions. Some of the leading brands may include Glenmuir, Callaway apparel, Oscar Jacobson, Sunderland of Scotland, Sketchers, and Footjoy. 

3. Gift Vouchers

Pro Golf shops can also give out valuable vouchers to loyal customers to engage in their lessons and pieces of training. Usually, the coupons are only given in a particular season or to celebrate an anniversary. In addition, golf shop vouchers can only remain valid for a designated period, usually 6 months at best. Therefore, an extra benefit you can derive from the golf shop services is getting a voucher gift. 

Pro golf shop owners understand that one of the best ways to impress another person is by giving out valuable gifts. These gifts can create unforgettable memories and experiences for loyal customers as a form of reward program. You can check out some of the available gift vouchers from the local golfer store while we give you memorable moments. The requirements for these vouchers are also accessible and attainable. 

4. Golf Tuition and Lessons

The Local Golfer can provide tuition for different aspects of the game, including iron play, long game, short game, putting, course management, and bunker play. The charge for the tuition or training may also depend on the trainee’s age, who may be an adult or a junior golfer. Another factor is the amount of time the trainee expects the trainer to use per time.

Golf training may also include fitness training on swings and strokes and trying out long drives. This particular service may come in the category of packages, depending on what the trainee can afford. Whereas the costlier the box, the higher the benefits for the subscribers. For instance, contrary to standard or basic service, premium service can allow you to try out as many balls as possible before the main event. 

5. Scorecard Markings

An excellent golf shop should provide you with the opportunity to mark scorecards and add up scores after each tournament or competition. This experience can help you to have the best of times on the golf course at an affordable price. Also, they can help to build a leaderboard with specific services for your particular group. 

It also takes good skills to record your scorecards because a few golfers have opined that they perform much better when not marking a scorecard. So, it becomes a fantastic relief if your golf shop can provide extra hands to help with scorecard markings that golfers will appreciate. Psychologically, when golfers play with a scorecard, they seem to begin to force some shots, primarily when they perform below their expectations. In other words, pressure builds up, and they may not even improve their game. 

6. Player Development Program

Expanding a pro golf shop services more may involve the business organizing a Player development program to help golfers develop better skills. One fantastic benefit of such a program is building leadership skills in golfers as they gather more experience. Golfers can take instructions from veteran golfers with tremendous experience and train on particular skills. 

The player development program also covers different age categories and playing levels. Since the purpose is to help golfers improve their skills, it ranks golfers by present abilities and trains them on equipment usage. On the other hand, a large pro shop can also provide staff development to deliver excellent services to golfers for an all-around experience. 


In conclusion, pro golf shops are not just about buying golf items, tools, equipment, apparel, and accessories. They also offer exciting and valuable services. On the other hand, they can also provide important information about competitions and further details to golfers. As a registered golfer in the pro shop, some of these services may come as extra benefits to your subscription. Whereas a first-time buyer can have these other services as options to choose from. Importantly, when next you walk into a golf shop, remember to ask for more information on their primary services to pro golfers. 

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge