Starting out your career in golf demands purchasing helpful tools, apparel, and other indispensable items. In addition, amateur golfers will also have to learn to master their experience since they are still new to the game. Before they start to talk about making clean contact with the ball, part of the preparation involves identifying the specific club set that will bring victory.

Similarly, mastering the game of golf in different phases and golf clubs is key to that. Pro golfers may not have to worry about some of these fundamental conditions. However, amateur golfers must carefully select the golf club items that can fit into the bag as the right set. The manufacturer of these golf clubs also factors in certain qualities for specific clubs for amateurs.

For instance, amateur golf clubs may have a peculiar construction or design that can reduce the effect of bad swings or poor contact with the ball. Moreover, these clubs must have maximum forgiveness where the golfer can be sure of better scores on the golf course. Below are some of the recommended amateur golf club sets that a newbie can start with.

Best Amateur Set of Golf Clubs – Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set

This set is the number one recommended set for new golf players. Its design accommodates the common flaws that a newbie is expected to have. Similarly, this set contains irons, woods, drivers, wedges, and putters, the items you need to practice until you master your strokes. It also gives room for the amateur player to grow and live to the reach of his potential. 

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set contains 12 clubs, comprising 3-wood, 5-wood, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid, 6- to 9-Iron, Pitching wedge, sand wedge, and a putter. All these items are kept in a stand bag that also contains a headcover. This set of golf clubs wins favor for different positive reviews from many people due to its exceptional quality. The price is also very affordable to buy.


  • Most suitable golf set for a beginner
  • 460cc clubhead made of titanium
  • Weight-balanced clubs with high durability and design
  • Particular hybrid set specifically made for amateurs
  • Iron golf clubs in this set have a solid offset
  • Contains the rare sand wedge
  • A stylish stand bag with multiple pockets to keep other items
  • The woods in this asset are of the best quality anyone can imagine


  • The golf stand bad is slightly flimsy for use
  • The pitching wedge has a shaft that is not so durable
  • The golf bag also is limited to just one design

The Driver

The Driver in this golf set gives the maximum forgiveness for an Amateur player. This Driver has just 12 degrees loft, which is ideal for a straighter shot and to cover a more significant distance. Also, it has a length of 45 inches that can only account for a slow swing speed. The clubhead also has enough power to send the ball to the right destination. Its forgiveness also means that if a mishit happens, the design of the Driver maintains a consistent move and correctness inaccuracy. 

The Woods

When an amateur player wants to make a hit on the green to cover a reasonable distance, these woods are the right choice. For instance, the 3-wood can set a 15.5-degree loft and a length of the shaft that reaches 42.5 inches. This extra loft enhances the forgiveness while the shape of the club comes with aerodynamic technology to cut through the air. The whole technology of the golf club also ensures that the speed of the Woods before the hit reaches the maximum level. However, 5-wood has an 18-degree loft and a shaft length of 41.5 inches for a shorter distance. 

Hybrid Clubs

Using the Hybrid golf club in this set are two to ensure that the strike has more control by the golfer. The 4-hybrid club has 22 degrees in the loft and a shaft left of 38.5 inches. These qualities can launch the ball to a high level, just like an iron club. This hybrid club is also capable of covering a distance, just like the wood club. Moreover, the 5-hybrid also has greater forgiveness for new golfers through its 26-degree loft and a shaft length of 37.75 inches.


Iron clubs are the best treasure that a beginner should hold because they set the pace for the future. Over time, the development of the golfer will depend on better use of the iron club. You can also have a maximum loft angle with this club. For instance, a 6-iron has a loft angle of 30 degrees, while a 9-iron has a 42-degree loft. Depending on the present situation and the desired height of trajectory, a 6-iron can do the job. And if not, try out a 9-iron. 

Stand Bag

The stand bag for this collection is light in weight, highly durable, and contains an authentic material. The single design is also very affordable, and the stands are strong enough to bear the weight of its contents. Alternatively, a golfer or his caddie may choose to carry this stylish bag. In that case, the bearer can take it with a back strap for convenience. The pack also has a modern headcover in the chance of precipitation while the game is still on. Also, the material of the golf set ensures portability if there is a need to fly airplanes and ensures a strong finish. 


The Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set is affordable in the market for amateur golfers and very available. When using this golf set, you can be sure of everything you need to meet your career needs as a beginner. Every single item in this set returns a good value for investment, and you can depend on them until you become a professional golf player. We recommend this set based on the general review of its use in 2021 and a professional recommendation from pro golfers.  

June 29, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge