The Local Golfer's Aussie Legends:

Origins of Australia's PGA Greats

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Never ceasing to make a headline, our Queensland surfer turned golf entrepreneur, Greg Norman, has taken the golfing world by storm long after his infamous sporting career has resolved. Norman recently found himself in the limelight amidst his quickly denied exemption request for the 150th open championship, alongside the growing LIV Golf Invitational and his open support for the PGA's rivalling competition. Never one to shy away from innovation, Norman has rattled the status quo in typical Aussie fashion, unafraid to step on toes as he develops the Saudi Golf League and converts the competition into an organisational powerhouse.

Hole No.2 - Greg Norman

Fun Fact: Second only to Tiger Woods; Greg Norman retains the second most weeks at number 1 with a total of 331 weeks at the top spot.

Hailing from Queensland's Mount Isa, Greg Norman AO (1955) radiates Australian spirit and embodies the classic Aussie bloke. Sporting from a young age, our Aussie Legend dabbled in many a game before landing on golf.

Norman was immersed in team sports, trying his hand at Rugby League, Australian Rules Football, Squash, and Cricket. He had a passion for surfing, and it wasn't until he caddied for his Mother that Norman realised how great the game of golf truly was.

At 15, amateur Norman, heavily influenced by his family and their adept sporting abilities, learnt the art of golf, practising hours a day, not knowing the game-changing capacities of his future.

Jump forward a mere 18 months, and Norman now plays a scratch (0) handicap. Surfing and golf become his life, so much so that in typical Aussie bloke fashion, school fades into the background. 

As graduation looms, our Aussie legend sets his sights on joining the airforce, is on the cadets doorstep and decides his future lies elsewhere. 

Turning pro at 21, Norman took the golf world by storm, winning the 1976 west lakes classic in his first professional year.

1986 - our Aussie legend has both a tremendous and trialling year. The 1986 Masters is one of the most memorable years on the Augusta fairways. Four tight competitors and our Aussie legend just missed the cut. 

The Masters will elude Norman his entire career, not for lack of trying. 1986 was the year Greg Norman became number 1. He would stay there for 331 weeks. Yet his history at the Masters proceeds him.

Norman turned up after a 1986 loss and was at the top of the field in 1987; before losing to an infamous chip-in that placed another of Norman's Masters appearances on many top memorable games lists. 

Come 1996, our Aussie legend destroyed the field and was a shoo-in for the Green Jacket. Unfortunately, Norman adds another appearance to the memorable list as he goes from a six-shot lead to a five-shot down, second place.

With championship success and a first-place ranking for years, our Aussie legend has yet to reach the status of legend in our books. So when you have power and success, what will you do with it?

Create an empire set on developing the great game of golf in none other than the sunburnt country. Formerly Great White Shark Enterprises, now Greg Norman Company - What has the Shark's empire done for Australian golf?



Having designed 100+ courses in 34 countries, Norman has contributed 15 local courses to Australia, 4 of which are in his home state of Queensland.

Our Aussie legend has developed houses and estates in New South Wales, introduced the Australian meat industry to the United States, and created the (GWSOF) The Great White Shark Opportunity Fund in response to the Global Financial Crisis providing business subsidiaries and financial support. 

What makes an Aussie legend in the eyes of The Local Golfer? The reinvestment of power and success; improving the game of golf for the local community. They have the spotlight, and it's where and who they choose to aim it on that truly matters.

Greg Norman has instilled a love of golf within Australia whilst creating a richer and more engaging local golfing environment. As a household name, the Shark's mantra 'Attack Life.' inspires us, driving us to hit the course whenever possible. It is then just, that we declare Greg Norman one of our many Aussie legends.

May 02, 2022 — Ben Breckenridge