The Local Golfer's Aussie Legends:

Origins of Australia's PGA Greats

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There's something in the water up in Queensland. How does a state lay claim to both the best male (Greg Norman) and female (Karrie Webb) golfer in Australia? A Queenslander tried and true, Karrie Webb has ensnared us with her golfing prowess, her modesty and passion making her a household name. Her life outside of golf is inspiring, and she radiates a sense of community. She embodies the Aussie Legend; and, naturally, makes our list.

Hole No.3 - Karrie Webb

Fun Fact: Karrie Webb ran the Delta Burdekin Theatre with her parents in her hometown for 20+ years.

This Aussie Legend was born and raised on the Queensland coast, her rural roots firmly planted in Ayr. The legend Karrie Webb AO (1974) grew from those roots and is widely renowned as Australia's best female golfer. 

Golfing from the age of 4 with plastic clubs and very patient grandparents, an extremely competitive Webb would take another eight years to come home after watching her hero Greg Norman play and proclaim that she too would become a professional golfer. 

After receiving her first set of real clubs at 8, Karrie played at her local club - Ayr Golf Course. She would go on to be Amateur Champion, representing Queensland in state competitions, her golfing a partnership with her coach Kelvin Haller. An exchange between caddying and coaching, built on the foundation of unconditional friendship. 

In 1993 a year before going pro, Webb's longtime friend and coach, Haller, was paralysed, resulting in him becoming a quadriplegic. This was the spark to our Aussie Legends paralysis activism. Webb devoted much of her life to the (SCA) Spinal Cure Australia Foundation and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, actively involving herself in charitable causes to spread awareness and help further develop a cure.

Come 1994; our Aussie legend went pro, dominating the field for years to come. Totalling 53 tournament wins; 41 on the LGPA with 7 Major victories, a humble Webb stands out amidst the competition. 

Webb was then admitted to the World Golf Hall of Fame, and at the time of her admission, she was the youngest ever to be awarded the honour, further highlighting her spirit in the game.

Now, one can't become a legend without having a great rivalry, and Swedish golfer Annika Sörenstam often challenged Webb's playing career. But, in true Aussie spirit, the rivalry was well fought, victories on both parts, with records broken left, right, and centre, Webb solidifying her household name.

In our eyes, besides being a golfing powerhouse, what qualifies Karrie Webb as an Aussie Legend? 

Webb has involved herself whole-heartedly in spinal injury activism, which is shown to be a mission she is highly passionate about. Webb has also taken a leaf out of her mentor, Greg Norman's book, creating an opportunity reminiscent of Norman's scholarship program Webb won as a teenager. Founding the Karrie Webb Series Scholarship, the competition winners spend a week with Webb shadowing and learning what it takes to be a pro golfer, seeing more than what's shown on T.V.

Scholarships and charities are only the tip of the iceberg for our Aussie Legend as she innovates, developing Australian golf for current and future generations. Webb has designed 60+ golf courses in her partnership with Perrettweb, bringing 23 fresh and encouraging courses to our backyard.

Sport is more than a small part of our Aussie Legend's life; Webb is a renowned North Queensland Cowboys (NRL) fan and can be found actively routing for the Queensland Maroons. Webb herself enjoys playing cricket (as most Aussies do) and basketball. She is an avid follower of the Matildas (Soccer), and in her home away from home, Webb cheers on the Miami Dolphins (NFL) and Miami Heat (NBA). 

Karrie Webb is a champion on and off the course. From competitive beginnings to humble success, we deem her another of our many Aussie Legends.

May 16, 2022 — Ben Breckenridge