Bridgestone TOUR B X Mindset 2024 Golf Balls


The NEW Bridgestone TOUR B X MindSet Golf Balls have been scientifically designed to help you separate analytical thoughts from athletic performance. MindSet is a visual cue on the golf ball that reminds you of the easy three step process

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET - The first step is information gathering. Where is my target, what is the distance, wind conditions and what club do I need to hit?
  2. VISUALISE THE SHOT PATH - This step is about connecting to the target and visualising the shot or putt you want to hit.
  3. FOCUS ON THE DOT - In this step, you stay connected to the target, clear your mind of analytical thoughts, focus on the green dot and execute the shot you visualised.

The TOUR B X delivers increased ball speed for MAXIMUM DISTANCE off the tee and HIT & SIT performance on approach shots and is ideal for players with swing speeds OVER 105 MPH who want additional distance.