Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge - RH



The Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedges (Steel Shaft) deliver the perfect blend of performance and forgiveness for players that never apologize for stepping up their short game.

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges - Tech

Features & Benefits:

  • Hollow Cavity Design
    A hollow chamber near the heel boosts that MOI, improving forgiveness well past what other cavity backs can offer.
  • Gelback
    The custom TPU Insert softens vibrations, resulting in less punishment if you stray away from that big sweet spot.
  • UltiZip Grooves
    These are the deepest grooves we’ve ever made. Plus, we added a couple more. By setting them closer together, UltiZip gives these new CBX ZipCore Wedges two more lines of groove per clubface. Which exponentially multiplies the spin for more serious bite. 
  • Close The Gaps
    These days, most game improvement PW lofts range from 42-44 degrees, with some outliers as strong as 38 degrees. This leaves many of us with huge voids between the Pitching and Gap Wedges in our sets. But not anymore. CBX ZipCore Wedges feature lofts from 44 to 60 degrees - and at every two-degree increment between - letting you dial that bag to perfection with game-improvement Wedges to match your game-improvement Irons.
  • Sole Grinds
    With V-, C-, and S-Shaped soles, CBX ZipCore has all the performance you’ll need greenside. The Dynamic Sole changes by Wedge loft, so you’ll automatically have the performance you need, when you need it.

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges - Grind


Loft Sole BA Lie Length SSW Hand
44° V-Shaped 64° 35.75" D2 RH
46° V-Shaped 64° 35.50" D2 RH
48° V-Shaped 64° 35.50" D2 RH
50° V-Shaped 11° 64° 35.50" D3 RH/LH
52° V-Shaped 11° 64° 35.50" D3 RH/LH
54° S-Shaped 12° 64° 35.25" D4 RH/LH
56° S-Shaped 12° 64° 35.25" D4 RH/LH
58° C-Shaped 10° 64° 35.00" D4 RH/LH
60° C-Shaped 10° 64° 35.00" D4 RH/LH

NOTE: BA = Bounce Angle | SSW = Graphite Swing Weight

Shaft: TRUE TEMPER DYNAMIC GOLD 115 SPINNER Tour Issue Steel Shaft

Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360