Clicgear Rovic RV1S Swivel 2.0 Golf Buggy - Black/Sliver


Step up your game with the sleek Rovic® RV1S Swivel 2.0 Buggy, the go-to choice for golfers who value both style and substance. Known for its stellar performance, the RV1S makes navigating the course a breeze with its swiveling front wheel, allowing for smooth movement over any terrain.

The buggy is equipped with ergonomic silicone bag straps that not only hold your golf bag securely but also ensure durability. An added external ball clip cleverly maximizes space by keeping the scorecard holder free and more organized. Available in a selection of modern colors, the RV1S looks as good as it performs. With its unique, patented folding action, this buggy folds down to an ultra-compact size, making it perfect for those with limited storage space.

Whether you're playing a casual round or competing, the Rovic® RV1S Swivel 2.0 Buggy delivers an unbeatable combination of convenience and class, ensuring you focus on your swing in style.

Picture of the black swivel 2.0 is for reference only so you can see the new features.