Combo Tee Divot Repair Tool & 2.75 in. TEE Unbreakable Bright Colors 2-n-1 Tool


Amount of tees

This offer is for (25) Combo/Tees mix/match color is random!

Best Divot repair tool, and Great Extra Length Tee

2-3/4 inches in length

Shallow tee cap base to allow the least resistance

For Longer Drives!!!!!!!!!

Made of Plastic Teflon - so it is unbreakable

Five Bright colors so you can easily find it

Red / White / Orange / Dark Pink / Yellow

You only need one tee and no divot fixture in your pocket

It's a golf TEE

It's a Golf Ball Mark Divot Repair TOOL too!!!!

Very Light weight

Easily goes into the ground for teeing off!

Angled to allow for easy and correct divot repair!