Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Balls 2023 White


 With a blend of greenside control and long-game distance, the new Z-STAR ♦ DIAMOND also delivers increased spin on long and mid-Iron shots.

A WINNING FORMULA: To push the limits of your game, you need a ball with all the right ingredients. That’s why the entire Z-STAR Series was designed to deliver tour-level distance, control and feel from tee to green. Starring a reformulated FastLayer DG Core and improved Spin Skin+ coating, you, too, can experience the formula trusted by Major Champions when wins are on the line.

FASTLAYER DG CORE: The trade-off is age-old: hard cores are fast, and soft cores are slow. But the firmer a golf ball, the harsher it feels at impact, which can reduce your confidence when the pressure is on. That’s why our new FastLayer DG Cores are soft at the centre and get firmer from the inside out. The contrasting compression helps them rebound quicker off the face for incredible distance while still providing an exceptional feel.

NEW SPIN SKIN+ COATING: This micronic layer of specialised urethane increases the cover’s degree of friction for even more spin and control.

THIN, PREMIUM COVER: Every Z-STAR Series golf ball features an extra thin, thermoplastic urethane cover to provide tour-level stopping power around the greens.

SPEED DIMPLE™ PATTERN: With their deep dimensions, the 338 Speed Dimples on each Z-STAR Series golf ball punch through the air for a penetrating launch. Once aloft, the dimples generate lift, driving the ball upward toward its peak and maximising glide distance during descent. When conditions get tough, and the winds reach high speeds, the 338 Speed Dimples’ low drag coefficient helps the ball stay on target through the moving air and maintain distance in headwinds.