Tour Tee Plus+


Get the Tour Tee Plus a sure-fire investment for serious golfers looking take things to the next level.

The barbed point of the tee prevents it from flying away, so you won’t have to worry about losing tees mid-round. And with the added benefit of ADD 12+ yards, you’ll be able to add distance to your shots and improve your game.

A USGA-approved patented design blended with our barbed point feature ensures that the tee stays in place, preventing it from flying away upon impact with the ball. This ensures a game uninterrupted, without the need to constantly adjust or replace your tee – don’t like the rookie on the course.

We dare you to try and break these tees, they’re that good. Throw in a groove cleaner and divot tool while you’re at it and we’ve just provided you with the perfect golf accessory that will last for rounds to come.

Plus, you can get that good feeling about your purchase knowing that each tee is made with recycled plastics, making them environmentally friendly.