Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

By Wilson


The NEW Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls are the world’s softest golf balls and in 2023 they have received a powerful engine upgrade. The new core formulation is engineered to deliver faster ball speeds for enhanced distance and the same great feel. The new DUO SOFT is available in White, Green and Yellow.

Features & Benefits:

2023 Wilson DUO SOFT Golf Ball - Tech

  1. Velocity Boosting Additive In Core For Increased Distance
    The core of DUO SOFT is specially formulated for maximum energy return. The result is shots that fly farther and launch easier with less effort.
  2. Low Compression Core And Mid-Hardness Cover For Softest Feel
    With its carefully calibrated construction, DUO SOFT delivers incredible overall performance with the premium soft feel players love.
  3. Low Driver Spin Rate for Straighter Ball Flight
    Optimized aerodynamics mean reduced driver spin for long carry, straighter shots and more fairways.

2023 Wilson DUO SOFT Golf Ball - Lifestyle