Every golfer dreams of that magnificent weekend in October when clocks get set to daylight savings time. To have that extra hour of an afternoon to sneak out for a couple of holes, hit some balls or roll a few putts really satisfies a keen golfer’s appetite. Today we’ll be sharing with you a few fun (and different) games to play of a daylight savings afternoon to keep it interesting, and of course, good for your game. Play these games over 3 or 4 holes either by yourself or with a couple of mates.

1. Play it Forward (our favourite)
This game really can be a lot of fun. Instead of playing off your regular tee box, play from the furthest forward tee box (usually the social tee box). This game is great to develop your attacking mindset and get you comfortable shooting scores that are better than you usually would. Many psychologists, coaches and professionals recommend this game to break your ‘scoring comfort zone’.

2. Three Club Challenge
This game is as simple as its name. Leave your golf bag in the car and only bring 3 clubs (plus your putter) onto the course. We recommend your 3 wood, 8 iron and sand wedge but you can choose whichever clubs you like. Play 4 holes focusing on manufacturing different shots using only the clubs you have. This will teach you the extremes of the skills you can develop to become a better ball striker.

3. Five Iron Max
In this game we aim to target more of your long iron play. Before going out on to the course, take out every club in your bag that is higher than your 5 iron (meaning playing without a driver, 3 wood or any iron longer than a 5 iron). Play from the normal tee box and tee off with you 5 iron. This game will open your mind to parts of the course you may have never seen before and maybe even change your course strategy a little.

Happy golfing!

October 28, 2021 — Ben Breckenridge